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I can accept the dead returning to life, but marrying a musician makes no sense whatsoever.

— Citizen in Ossan Quarter

The Music in Tyria project gathers random lore stuff regarding Tyrian music in one page for reference. The page is still a work in progress and will be updated over time as more lore is uncovered.



  • Song: A longer, sung piece. Consists of at least one verse which has multiple lines.
  • Ditty: A very short, simple song. Consists of just one line instead of a full verse.



Ewyn: Efi and her mother used to bring food and sing songs to try to cheer me up. I guess the Olmakhan will need to teach cubs like Efi to defend themselves now that the outside world has found Atholma.
<Character name>: I think her mother would've preferred she go on singing to cheer up others.
    • Dialogue between Marlen and the Pact Commander:
Marlen: Of course I know Efi. She used to come to watch the races with her mother, Nature keep her. The two of them were always laughing and singing...
<Character name>: Do you remember any particular song they liked to sing together?
Marlen: There was that one about hope, which you could tell Efi had worked hard to learn. I hope she comes back sometime to watch the races with me.


Story references[edit]


  • In Chapter: Deep Places in Edge of Destiny, Caithe sings "Caithe's Song" (see lyrics below) during the activation of an asura gate in a ruined dwarven city to help her, Logan and Rytlock pinpoint a proper location to port into.

Personal story[edit]

Racial storyline[edit]

  • In The Great Hunt story instance, references are made to norn singing.
Hunter: Really? Thanks! And good luck. Maybe one day the skaalds will sing about our victories.
<Character name>: Are you kidding? We'll be immortalized in song before the day is done!
Bartender: You're right. Maybe I'll just knock off early and fetch myself a round for a change. Toss back a few ales, boast a little, maybe sing a few dirty songs...
Ido the Tanner: Drinking, singing, and boasting! I love a good old-fashioned moot. [...] [Eir]'s the living legend who, with her wolf Garm, triumphed over one of Jormag's mightiest lieutenants. And she's a brilliant sculptor! Yes, the skaalds will sing of her for generations.
<Character name>: One day, the skaalds will sing about me as well.
<Character name>: That sounds perfect. Eir Stegalkin, side-by-side with the Slayer of Issormir. The skaalds will sing of this for generations!
Eir Stegalkin: Careful... skaalds also sing of noble hunters dying grisly deaths. But with Wolf's help, we'll give them something better. See you there.

Pact storyline[edit]

Crusader Afanen: Apatia was a fine soldier. I hope her hunt continues in the Mists.
<Character name>: It will. And we will continue to sing of her legend here.
Trahearne: Hear me, Hoelbrak. I sing of Apatia, and the legend she forged. She was many things: a Lionguard, a soldier, a hero, a friend.
<Character name>: Let the bards sing and the skaalds proclaim her glorious name forever. Join me now, until the Shiverpeaks themselves ring with the sound: Apatia!

Living World Season 1[edit]

Scarlet Briar: Not bad for a drone.
Marcello DiGiacomo: The Minstrel's Guild will hear about this!
Crusader Aurus Fuseblight: Someone sings in the camp at night. Apparently it's a norn mourning ballad. Saddest thing I ever heard.



Diessa Plateau[edit]

Cub (1): Where's Anya gone? She's always disappearing.
Cub (2): I bet the singing scared her so bad she ran back to the fahrar.

Fields of Ruin[edit]

Marghel Talekeeper: We kept each other awake by telling jokes and singing cadences. [...] My only problems were tail cramps and losing my voice from singing. Best night patrol ever.

Fireheart Rise[edit]

Ash Legion Spy: Well, I can do Rytlock singing the "Meatoberfest" song.

Plains of Ashford[edit]

Crystal Desert[edit]

Crystal Oasis[edit]

  • Grand Sahil Casino, Free City of Amnoon
    • A trio named Jamnoon, who consist of a drummer and two basists, play pretty sweet heavy metal tunes to an excited audience. According to developers, this hit tune is called "Vlast from the Past".

Domain of Vabbi[edit]


Bloodtide Coast[edit]

Divinity's Reach[edit]

Citizen (1): My sister's getting married again.
Citizen (2): Stranger things have happened. Like necromancy.
Citizen (1): She's marrying a bard, the guy with the pan flute who plays drinking songs.
Citizen (2): I can accept the dead returning to life, but marrying a musician makes no sense whatsoever.

Gendarran Fields[edit]

Kessex Hills[edit]

Lion's Arch[edit]

Heart of Maguuma[edit]

Auric Basin[edit]

Verdant Brink[edit]

  • Noble Ledges
    • After the crash site has been secured, a band of three performs a small band arrangement of the "Lion's Arch Reborn" theme near the nobles waypoint.
  • Thistlevine Ravine
    • Scout Acan plays sweet lute tunes for several minutes at his watchpost.

Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Caledon Forest[edit]

  • Soggorsort, Quetzal Bay
    • A playable Pipe Organ can be found in the village. Playing the Overture, aka the Tyrian theme, from the soundtrack opens a giant oyster to reveal a chest. It rewards the musician by playing an instrumental, organ version of the theme.
    • Eegyoo hums the Tyrian theme near the organ.

The Grove[edit]

Twilight Arbor[edit]

Morrigu: I will sing of your bravery to the Pale Tree.
Fyonna: But my children sing to me. Listen.
Fyonna: They sing dark, delicious notes about power and family. As their mother, I have to grant them their wish.

Sparkfly Fen[edit]

  • Braggi's Stead, Floodwater Causeway
    • The norn Frakki and the hylek Watl have various conversations about music and even sing "Frakki's Ditty" (see lyrics below). Interestingly the ditty includes the norn making "guitar twang" sounds, implying that acoustic guitars exist alongside lutes in Tyria.
Watl: Teach me to be a skaald like you.
Frakki: Buzz off, fly breath. I sing solo.
Watl: I don't get it. You sing to Bear, Raven, Wolf and Snow Leopard. What about Frog?
Frakki: Frog? The only useful thing Frog can teach us is how to catch flies.

Maguuma Wastes[edit]

Dry Top[edit]

Ruins of Orr[edit]

Cursed Shore[edit]

Raider (female norn): Ah, quit your caterwauling. I've heard drunken moot halls that sounded better.
Maklain the Minstrel: You rude cow. My singing is in demand at all of the finest venues!
Raider (female norn): Minstrel, you're loud enough to wake the dead and that's the last thing we need around here.
Maklain the Minstrel: I wouldn't expect an uneducated swine like her to appreciate my singing prowess.

Siren's Landing[edit]

Straits of Devastation[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

Snowden Drifts[edit]

  • Urgulp, Valslake
    • Nearby quaggan gatherers sing the "Swimming" song (see lyrics below).
    • An Irritable Villager sings the song "Fish Are Tasty" (see lyrics below) in one of the quaggan pod houses.

Timberline Falls[edit]

Wayfarer Foothills[edit]

Dredge Commissar: Comrade! Raise the spirits of the workers! Sing of our triumph! Sing of our glory!
Anja Inntill: Ha, we win! All right, dredge, listen up! Now you get to hear some real singing!


  • Male sylvari merchants sometimes say "Treesong go with you." when interacted with. It may be a reference to "Fear Not This Night" aka the Song of the Pale Tree, or it could be metaphorical akin to "may peace be with you."

The Mists[edit]

Fractals of the Mists[edit]

The Voice: Can you hear my song echo through the darkness?



Hemm's Ditty[edit]

(hum) Freedom! I have my freedom. (hum)

Hiffa's Song[edit]

She's the greatest explorer in the land!
Hiffa lee, la dee dee! Hiffa! That's me.


"The Alluring Song of Meat"[edit]

I'm delirious, I'm deserving,
I'm desiring delicious meat.
Doot doot dee-deet. Yeah, meat.
Meat! Uh huh.
Singing about meat. Oh, yeah.

Military Cadences[edit]

Iron's Knocking at Your Door[edit]
Sound off!
One, two!
Sound off!
Three, four!
Iron's knocking at your door!
Sharp Warband is at Your Door[edit]
One, two. One, two.
Sharp warband has come for you!
One, two, three, four.
Sharp warband is at your door!
We Don't Need No God[edit]
We don't need no god!
We're the firing squad!
So, if you don't want my flail,
Better shake that mighty tail!
Aw yeah!
We've Got Iron in Our Blood[edit]
We've got iron in our blood!
We chew ore like cows chew cud.
If you try to mess with Iron!
We'll drag your body to the pyre!

Rhell Crankmane's Ditty[edit]

Oh, the hip bone's connected to the ankle bone.


"The Undernationale"[edit]

Stand up, all victims of oppression
Grab a hammer or a sledge.
We dig to serve the great collective
For you are nothing if you're not dredge!
Outsiders never will enslave us
We shall make their empires fall.
Our people will always rise triumphant
And Tyria will hear our victory call!
So rise up, my comrades
Because the struggle carries on.
The mighty moletariat
Unites in deed and song!
So comrades, come rally
For this is the time and place!
The Undernationale
Unites the whole dredge race!


"Captain Penzan's Song"[edit]

I am the very model of a modern pirate general,
I've information magical, mathematical and mineral.
I know the Queens of Kryta and can cite matters historical,
From Bloodstones to the dragon spawn in order categorical.
In fact, I write my washing bills in old Canthan cuneiform.
I'll tell you every detail sewn on Caudecus's uniform.
The skills and builds of warfare are essential to my strategy,
You'll say a better pirate general has never sat-a-gee,
For when you know the habits of the Charr and the Elonians
When you can tell at sight a Kurzick from an Ascalonian,
You'll know my martial knowledge, quite extensive and still myriad,
Has only been updated for the Interregnum period!
But still in matters magical, mathematical, and mineral,
I am the very model of a modern pirate general!

Chicken Song[edit]

Chickens peck, and chickens munch,
Chickens cluck, and chickens crunch,
Chickens flap, and chickens croon,
Chickens on the table soon.

"Dead Man's Chest"[edit]

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
The mate was fixed by the bosun's pike
The bosun brained with a marlinspike
And cookey's throat was marked belike
It had been gripped by fingers ten
And there they lay, all good dead men
Like break o'day in a boozing ken
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

These Roads are My Roads[edit]

For every rascal, a hero;
for every scoundrel, a soldier;
every battle, a victor,
and that victor's me.
These roads are my roads,
all roads that are Arch roads,
and each day I guard them,
safe roads they'll be.


"Burrisson's Ditty"[edit]

Splish, splash. Four norn in a bath. (hum)

Frakki's Ditty[edit]

(guitar twangs) Bear, Wolf, Raven, Snow Leopard. (guitar twangs)
(guitar twangs) Frog!

Norn Drinking Song[edit]

We're the sons and daughters of the legends of the past.
We celebrate their legacy by draining every glass.
High atop the Shiverpeaks the mightiest are born.
When the call goes out for heroes, the first in line are norn!
Drain them up! Drain them down! Drain them out to the end!
For tomorrow you may die and you'll never drink again!


Coddler's Songs[edit]

Little Barracuda[edit]
Gonna swim with the big fish.
You're gonna get your wish.
Ooooooo. Little barracuda.
When you awake, quaggans will be here,
and there'll be a crab cake, just for you...
Swimming, swimming, swimming, all summer long.
Swimming, swimming, swimming, it makes your flippers strong.

Fish Are Tasty[edit]

Fish are tasty. Fish are fine.
They are best with a glass of (hiccup)!

"Peneloopee's Song"[edit]

Shoosh now, shoosh ooo OOO.
The time has come to slee-eep.
Let the water rock you...
To the rhythm of the deep.
Quaggan sings a dream...
Where you're a shiny bubble.
Just a tiny nubble...
Afloat in a briny sea.
OoooOOOoooo oooOOoOoOooooo


Caithe's Song[edit]

Oh, come to me, heart of the wyld.
Oh, hear this lost sylvari child,
Away from wood and glade and briar,
Entombed within a world of fire.


"Song of the Zephyrites"[edit]

The summer sun shone bright once more warmed wood and cloth of home.
We honor those who came before and journeyed where they roam.
Alas, alas, we've no more peace, no ally from on high.
We'll make our way to brighter days and into clearer skies.
No more to tame the wind and rain, the skies to swallow whole.
She flies no more in glinting beam and leaves a hollow hole.
Alas, her magic strewn in sand. Alas, her soul undone.
The clouds shed tears upon the land mourning a crystal sun.
No more to tame the wind and rain, the skies to swallow whole.
She flies no more in glinting beam and leaves a hollow hole.
Alas, alas, how time must pass. Ancient magical friend.
So terrible, so dreadful that so treasured should so end.
No more to tame the wind and rain, the skies to swallow whole.
She flies no more in glinting beam and leaves a hollow hole.
Alas, alas, alas, alas,
Alas, and so we go.
We fly on high into the sky
And cry, "Alas, alas..."