Plaza of Kormir

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Plaza of Kormir

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Map of Plaza of Kormir

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Location within Divinity's Reach


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The Plaza of Kormir is one of the six plazas located within Divinity's Reach. It houses Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra.


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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra





Speed Boon.png Priestess of Kormir

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Agitated Citizen: Whaddya know? Another problem.
Agitated Citizen: I was born inside these walls. I'm probably going to die trapped inside them.
Agitated Citizen: I can't believe it!
Canthan Scholar: Emperor Usoku is the last Emperor of Cantha whose name we know.
Canthan Scholar: Here, we revere the emperors we do not know, and we pray that the gods keep our distant homeland safe.
Canthan Scholar: Out last contact with Cantha was over a hundred year ago, but we still revere our ancestors as in generations past.
Child: When dad goes to work, he goes to the pub. Weird. He's not a bartender.
Child: I can't wait! Tomorrow, I'm going on a field trip with the Durmand Priory!
Child: I told an asura I wanted to learn how to cast spells. He said I'd just get a headache.
Child: Tonight, I'm going to sneak in and see the queen!
Child: But I don't want to go to school. I want to grow up and bash some charr!
Citizen: Oh, there it is. I thought it was lost for a second.
Citizen (1): Evening.
Citizen (2): Hi.
Citizen (1): It's always, "Logan is so dreamy!" or "Why can't you be more like Logan Thackeray?"
Citizen (2): Not this again.
Citizen (1): By the gods, I wish Logan Thackeray would just take my wife away!
Citizen (1): Nice weather.
Citizen (2): We need rain. It's easier to pick off our little equine friends when they're tromping around in the mud.
Citizen (2): We could snap their chain of command if we could send someone in deep enough.
Citizen (2): Easier to hide in rain and fog than beneath a cloudless sky.
Citizen (1): Hey, I like sunny days. See you around.
Scholar (1): Find anything good?
Scholar (2): Yes! I found some rather remarkable scrolls about a group of adventurers some centuries ago.
Scholar (2): They escaped Ascalon right before the Searing, crossed the Kingdom of Kryta, joined and betrayed the White Mantle, and even faced a lich lord!
Scholar (1): Wow. Maybe someday we'll meet heroes like that.
Serra Birdsong: Join me in the revelry!
Serra Birdsong: Step up and choose a song!
Serra Birdsong: Life is meant to celebrate!
Serra Birdsong: So come and dance along!
Serra Birdsong: Let me play you all a melody.
Serra Birdsong: Let me share with you a gift.
Serra Birdsong: For music carries memories.
Serra Birdsong: That will make your spirits lift.
Carnival Worker: A real model of human genius and ingenuity, don't you think?
Carnival Worker: Amazing, astounding, ear-ringingly awe-inspiring!
Carnival Worker: If it weren't for Uzolan and the sponsorship of Minister Caudecus the Wise, we wouldn't have such marvels!