Roj the Rowdy Butcher

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Roj the Rowdy Butcher


Interactive map

Roj the Rowdy Butcher resides in the The Blasted Moors. Defeat him in combat to complete his challenge.



Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Defeat Roj the Rowdy Butcher (17)

Combat abilities[edit]


Hero point empty.png You must have heard of me. They call me Roj the Rowdy Butcher because I like fighting almost as much as I like meat. I'm good at it, too. C'mon, I'll show you a thing or two.
Talk combat option tango.png Let's do it!
Talk end option tango.png Not right now.
Hero point.png I hear you are the highlight of Meatoberfest. Everyone who comes through is asking if I saw <Character name>. I tell the tale of our sparring to each and every one. It gets bigger with each telling.
Talk end option tango.png I'll see you around.
(If The Minstrel III: The Bard is active)
Talk ready option.png That's an interesting song you are singing. Mind if I write it down?
My ode to meat? Sure
Talk end option tango.png Thanks


I'm delirious, I'm deserving, I'm desiring delicious meat. Doot doot dee-deet. Yeah, meat. Meat! Uh huh. Singing about meat. Oh, yeah.
(roar) This is what I live for!
You're a cut above the rest.