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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Deepstone Fractal boss. For the Kodan figurehead, see Voice. For people who do voiceovers, see Voice actor.

Can you hear my song echo through the darkness?

— The Voice

The Voice is an ominous entity encountered in the Deepstone Fractal. It becomes the final boss of the fractal after it corrupts Torin.


The Voice is an entity of unknown origin. At some point in history the dwarves trapped it in the Deldrimor treasure vault of Deepstone with a powerful arcane ward created by a magical crystal and abandoned the site. Years later, a group of treasure hunters found and explored Deepstone while searching for riches and unwittingly removed the magical barrier around the vault, allowing the Voice to possess a treasure hunter named Torin whom it intended to use as a physical vessel to flee from its prison.

Using the Light of Deldrimor, the remaining treasure hunters were able to battle the Voice who, in response, attempted to tear off their souls. The group prevailed in the end, however, and the weakened Torin asked to be saved from possession. One of the group members used the Light of Deldrimor on Torin who died as the Voice was banished.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Clones Itself - Creates Shades during the fight.
  • Destroys Tiles
  • Teleports

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Soul Digestion.png Spectral Devourer - Absorbs spectral flames to heal itself and increase the damage of Shadow Blast.
  • Life Reap - A strong melee attack that applies Agony.png Agony for 3 seconds and Vulnerability.png Vulnerability for 10 seconds.
  • Life Rend - A basic melee attack.
  • Life Slash - A basic melee attack.
  • Shadow Bolt - A shadow given living form that seeks targets to attack. Destroys any tile it touches.
  • Shadow Siphon - Dark energy shields the Voice, drains life from targets, and causes platforms beneath targets to be destroyed.
  • Disintegration Blast - Destroys tiles and chains attacks to allies who are struck by the blast. Applies agony, daze, and knockback.
  • Shadow Blast - A devastating attack that's charged by devouring spectral flames.
Stolen skills



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