Free the Pact krewe members trapped inside Risen clams

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Free the Pact krewe members trapped inside Risen clams

Strait of Malediction
(Straits of Devastation)
Event type
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Dynamic event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Free the Pact krewe members trapped inside Risen clams is a level 73 event that occurs in Strait of Malediction.


  • Krewe members freed: x/5
  • Risen clams remaining: 10


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 12,936
347 Karma.png 81 Copper coin
Silver 10,996
295 Karma.png 69 Copper coin
Bronze 9,702
260 Karma.png 61 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 73 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


The area is swarming with Risen, and you can easily be overwhelmed if you are taking them on solo. The worst of the bunch are the mesmers, who will constantly lay Chaos Storms wherever you may be swimming; prioritize their demise. Skills and attacks that provide charging and shadowsteps are very handy for getting you clear of affected areas. Area-of-Effect damage is a must.

Each ally is trapped inside a Risen Clam. To free them, simply kill the clam. There are more clams than allies, so you may not need to deal with all of them to complete the event. Risen Clams are objects and therefore immune to critical hits and conditions, so plan accordingly.






During the event
Agent Asha: Excellent timing. Help me break out the rest of my krewe, will you?
Agent Asha: Despite your heritage, you're quite useful.
Explorer Hemm: Ah, the succulent aroma of freedom. It suits me. So, the rest of my krewe must be here somewhere. Let's find them.
Crusader Xihpilli: It is good you came. There are others we must help.
Crusader Techachotl: Your help is appreciated. Now, let's save the others together.
Crusader Xihpilli: I could kiss you. It is good you came.
Crusader Tecachotl: I owe you my life.
After event completion
Agent Asha: Did anyone recover the device? Who has it? Tell me someone got it!
Tactician Atl: I did not locate it before the attack.
Explorer Hemm: Not me. No luck.
Crusader Xihpilli: It was nowhere to be found.
Crusader Tecachotl: Are you sure it even exists?
Agent Asha: Of course it exists, you dolt. It's just missing.
Tactician Atl: Enough talk. We must head for safer territory.