Moorookoo Village

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Moorookoo Village

Point of Interest
Sanctum Harbor
(Lion's Arch)
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Moorookoo Village.jpg
Moorookoo Village

Interactive map

Moorookoo Village is an underwater Quaggan village in the Sanctum Harbor area of Lion's Arch. It was once a seaweed harvesting operation led by a leader more concerned with profitability than with worker safety.

The quaggan of this village fled during the Battle for Lion's Arch, and returned in greater number after rebuilding was completed. Notable residents include Bloomanoo, Peneloopee and their six tadpoles.




Historical ambient dialogue[edit]

Assistant: Have you thought about hiring private guards to accompany the harvesters?
Leader: Quaggan has thought about it. The numbers don't support it yet.
Leader: If the number of harvesters killed by undead increases, then it will be worth the expense.
Leader: Business is thriving. Seaweed sales are up twenty percent this month.
Assistant: Coo! Should quaggans hire more harvesters?
Leader: No. Just add an extra hour to the work day.
Leader: Quaggan's going to speak to the council about permission to build an enlarged processing plant.
Assistant: They'll approve it. They must see the role seaweed plays in the local economy.
Harvester (1): Do you run into monsters when you're out harvesting?
Harvester (2): Sometimes. Quaggan reccomends you carry a big knife when you go out.
Harvester (1): You're new. Are you a gatherer?
Harvester (2): Quaggan needs to earn gold to put food in the family basket.
Harvester (1): Any other advice for a new seaweed harvester?
Harvester (2): The best advice quaggan can give is to not get noticed. Don't make waves, and you'll go home safely.
Male Harvester (1): Did you talk to the pretty quaggan?
Male Harvester (2): Quaggan has not had a chance yet. You'll be the first to know when quaggan does.
Male Harvester (2): Glad you're here. Quaggan has something to ask you.
Female Harvester: No time! Quaggan is behind schedule. You can ask later.
Local (1): Quaggan hates going to the market. It never ends well.
Local (2): Quaggan has bruises on bruises from the market.
Local (1): Someone should design quaggan boots to protect quaggan toes.
Local (1): Quaggan is thinking about starting a business. So many races like coral braided into their hair.
Local (2): You should! You'd make a lot of gold if you did.