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Scout Acan

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Scout Acan is a hylek who loves watching gliders and playing his lute. He can be reached by traveling west from the Stonetwist Paths camp to a small rock outcrop near vista. Players must glide directly toward him to get him to speak. Jump from the highest point at the vista and glide directly west to land on the outcropping in front of him. If you've done it correctly, a story notice will pop up directing you to talk to him. It does not require you to know the Itzel language mastery.

Story involvement[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]


In Verdant Brink, during In Their Footsteps.
Scout Acan: That was amazing! I've seen a lot of gliders since those great ships crashed, but never so close.
<Character name>: You should try it sometime. But right now, Ibli sent me to ask if you'd seen two of my friends come through here.
Scout Acan: I did see a charr with a flaming sword and a norn with a mace. They were headed south, toward the bad Itzel.
<Character name>: The "bad" Itzel?
Scout Acan: Unfriendly. The Coztic Itzel have been attacked too often lately. Now they treat all outsiders as enemies.
Scout Acan: Scout Ubek should be there. She was going to get a closer look...and had strange ideas about how to get close enough.
<Character name>: Bad Itzel or not, that's where I'm going.
Scout Acan: Also, I strongly recommend you learn to use the local mushrooms–you'll need powerful jumps to get where you're going.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Deadly Dagger Attacks
  • Stealths


Players might have difficulty talking to Acan, even if the next step of the story says to do so. Logging out and in again can fix this.


  • The song he's playing was written by Keenan Sieg for his high school/college ska band.[1]