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Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From

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Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From is an achievement. Six items need to be collected for Efi, the young charr cub.


This achievement rewards items. Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From A Bug in the System 3Achievement points
Collect 6 items to help Efi.
Prerequisite: The Charge
Reward: Handwoven Olmakhan Bandolier.pngHandwoven Olmakhan Bandolier

Collected 1 item. 1Achievement points
Collected 6 items. 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Map Notes
Efi may not see the bandolier in your inventory, blocking progress on this achievement. Try making sure you have the Bandolier in the inventory of the character that went through the story and/or received it initially. It seems to also work with a crafted Bandolier IF it's the character that have initially received the first one.

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