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Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From

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Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From is an achievement. Six items need to be collected for Efi, the young charr cub.


Lasting Bonds: Where We Come From A Bug in the System 3Achievement points
Collect 6 items to help Efi.
Prerequisite: The Charge
Reward:Handwoven Olmakhan Bandolier.png Handwoven Olmakhan Bandolier
Collected 1 item 1Achievement points
Collected 6 items 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

# Item Map Hint
1 Simple Olmakhan Bandolier Earned by completing the story episode "A Bug in the System."
2 "We Carry Her Loss Together" Efi location.jpg Turn in a simple Olmakhan bandolier to Efi, near the southern gate of Atholma.
3 "We Sing Her Story" Lorekeeper Rhosan location.jpg Speak with Lorekeeper Rhosan on the north end of Atholma.
4 "Laughter on the Wind" Marlen location.jpg Speak with Marlen near Jemandi Market.
5 "The Good We Do In Life" Ewyn location.jpg Find Ewyn's retreat to the east of Olma's Legacy.
6 Olmakhan Songbook Olmakhan Songbook path.jpg Explore above the Specimen Chamber using your jackal.