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Siren of Orr

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Siren of Orr.png

Siren of Orr

Heart of Thorns mastery point

Track region
Heart of Thorns
Mastery track
Ancient Magics
Req. experience

Before completion: Ancient chords of long-forgotten lamentations still echo in Orr. Those who have learned to listen for them are able to use dirges of power, making manifest abilities once lost to the pages of history. 

After completion: Whenever a Chancel of Echoes appears during combat, interact with it to acquire a random dirge. Perform these dirges to help allies and hinder foes.

— In-game description

Overhead appearance after all five dirges have been played within the player's vicinity.



  • If a player manages to listen to all of the dirges, the overhead circle will add music notes to the bar that fluctuate in size.