Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra

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Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra

Point of Interest
Plaza of Kormir
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Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra.jpg
Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra

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Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra, also referred to as the One-man Band, is an attraction in the northern part of the Eastern Commons district of Divinity's Reach, in the Plaza of Kormir. It is a variety of large musical instruments, including trumpets and drums, which shoots out large quantities of confetti and provides the permanent festival with music when activated.


Concept art


  • It was said in a blog post that players will be able to select songs for it to play. At present, that is not possible.
  • Level 400 Scribes can interact with the Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra for a Uzolan's Notes. This is the first step in creating the Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra (decoration) for guild halls.