Twilight Arbor (explorable)/Fyonna's Path

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Dungeon information[edit]


To reach this path you need to complete several other objectives common to other paths displayed in Twilight Arbor (explorable).

  • Event boss (tango icon).png Explore Twilight Arbor and stop the Nightmare Court.
    • Kill Vevina's servant.
    • The Defiler
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Kill the Countess of Obedience.
    • Vevina
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Event boss (tango icon).png Locate the Nightmare Tree.
    • Find the Nightmare Tree.
    • Destroy the Nightmare Tree and Fyonna.
    • Nightmare Tree
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Event boss (tango icon).png Congratulations! The arbor is safe.


  • 70% experience towards the next character level
  • 26 Silver coin
  • Bonus Gold (first time each day per account)
    • Forward/Up Path: Gold coin
  • 60 Deadly Blooms Deadly Blooms (first time each day per path)
  • 1,880 Karma.png (first time each day per path)


Route of Fyonna's Path through the Twilight Arbor

First Branch[edit]

  • After choosing forward at the first branch you enter a room with many blossoms.
  • Six ranger foes will spawn, three on each side of the room, but they can be picked apart easily. After clearing the room, another branch point is reached where the party must choose to proceed either forward or up.

Second Branch[edit]

  • Players who chose this path at the second branch are greeted by various husks.

Boss: The Defiler[edit]

  • You will eventually run into The Defiler, flanked by two husks.
  • This boss has knockdown and a fairly powerful melee attack and a lot of health and armor. It also applies a special condition on players that deals significant damage over time, which can be removed by dodge-rolling.
  • Kill the companion husks first and watch out for respawning blossoms in the area, and this should be a fairly straightforward fight.

Deathly Swarms[edit]

  • After defeating the Defiler, you will cross a bridge, beyond which is a fountain with a cog to the left. Run up to the fountain and quickly accept the dialogue that grants you the invisibility sap. If you linger too long here you may aggro the swarms farther up the path.
  • Being attacked by the swarms here almost certainly means an instant death.
  • You must proceed up the path, being careful not to touch the fountains of water on the ground marked by white rings. Having swiftness or other speed boosts greatly helps in running through the area without being hit by water.
  • If you are hit by the water, you lose the invisibility buff and will quickly aggro the nearby swarms. If this happens, it may be possible to rush through anyway with swiftness, your own invisibility/invulnerability skills, and smart dodge-rolling.
  • Once any 1 (or 2) player(s) reaches the other side, he can disable the swarms by running through to the end of the passage before the next boss. When doing this, be wary of the many nightmare pups that spawn; they can easily overwhelm one or two players. Killing the pups is not required for disabling the swarms, however, so one player can simply run past them to the end of the tunnel if necessary.

Boss: Vevina[edit]

  • The next boss you encounter is called Vevina, who seems to be fighting with Leurent. She is guarded by 2 husks.
  • Kill the husks first to make the rest of the fight much easier.
  • Vevina will focus solely on Leurent as long as he is alive. It's possible to keep Leurent alive for the duration of the fight to make killing Vevina easier. However this almost certainly requires one or two dedicated healers/support players to focus on keeping Leurent alive and depending on your party composition may or may not be worth the effort.
  • Vevina has an AoE area-denial ability that deals a fair amount of damage as well as applies random conditions. She also applies confusion and burning. She can also teleport, rendering snares ineffective against her.
  • Bring condition removal and stop attacking if you are taking too much damage from your own attacks, as the boss has her own bouncing bolt attack that does quite some damage.
  • As the rumor goes around that if you manage to keep Leurent alive the whole fight you will get an extra chest, however this is not true and the game won't reward you from keeping Leurent alive.

Cliffs and Wardens[edit]

  • After defeating Vevina, the next part is more or less identical to the same section in Leurent's Path (up) path. Either kill them, or run past.
  • When you reach the two Elite Nightmare Warders blocking the gate, kill them to open it.

Boss: Nightmare Tree[edit]

  • The final boss is the Nightmare Tree. In this path, it is protected by spiders. Additional larger spiders will spawn around the players if the tree's projectiles hit the players or Morrigu.
  • Wait for the Nightmare Tree to absorb Fyonna before attacking.
General recommendations
  • Attacks cannot critical hit the Nightmare Tree since it is a structure. For this reason, Soldier's gear (Power/Vitality/Toughness) is recommended, for the additional durability over Berserker's gear (precision and critical damage won't trigger).
  • Spiders will not despawn between attempts to kill the Nightmare Tree, possibly forcing restarting the dungeon if the initial attempt is unsuccessful.
  • Spider spawns can be reduced if the projectiles are dodged, blocked, reflected or absorbed. Suggested skills:
  • Morrigu cannot dodge the spiders, hence if he is dead prior to entering the Nightmare Tree room the number of spiders the party faces will be reduced.
  • Condition removal for Immobilize and Cripple is advised to aid in mobility versus the spiders.
  • The Nightmare Tree itself has multiple abilities. One ability immobilizes a single player, and the other ability is a large cone-like attack that covers the entire room and deals significant damage as well as apply stacks of vulnerability. The tree continuously alternates between these two abilities, and are telegraphed by the tree slamming its fists into the ground. The AoE attack is further telegraphed by the tree shaking its head and branches on its back. It is possible to prevent the larger spider spawns if the orbs (which blend in with the falling foliage) that accompany the head shaking are dodged. The orbs also seem to count as projectiles that can be absorbed.



Note: This lists foes unique to this path only.


After defeating ambushers:

Morrigu: "I'm so sorry. I tried to get here as soon as I could."
Morrigu: "I will sing of your bravery to the Pale Tree."
Morrigu: "There are two paths. Which one shall I open?" (opens dialogue window)

Upon reaching The Defiler:

Morrigu: "What a terrible sight. They must be part of Vevina's mindless entourage."

Upon reaching Vevina:

Vevina: "You want to tear apart the world. Idiot. Fool. You take my adoring crowd from me?"
Leurent: "And you think you are worthy to kill me? I can lead an army. I can slay cities."
Leurent: "And you want Faolain's prize for your vanity? May Fyonna's spiders eat you alive!"
Vevina: "I offer you a world of peace and love. You could have bowed to me. But you chose insolence."
Vevina: "And insolence means death.

Upon defeating Vevina:

Morrigu: "Rest well, my darling, Leurent. War led you to this place, and may peace finally embrace you as I once did."
Morrigu: "I will mourn my lost love later. Ahead if Fyonna. And her children. Spiders. So horrible. All their legs, crawling all over me..."
Morrigu: "We will stop Fyonna. All I ask is that if I falter in battle, you stand by my side. Don't leave me to them."

Upon reaching the Nightmare Tree:

Fyonna: "Oh, my children. There it is."
Fyonna: "Now, don't worry about your mother. I won't be different. Just stronger."
Morrigu: "Fyonna, Countess of Spiders, stand away from the tree. I cannot let you claim Faolain's prize."
Fyonna: "But my children sing to me. Listen."
Fyonna: "They sing dark, delicious notes about power and family. As their mother, I have to grant them their wish."

Upon defeating the Nightmare Tree:

Morrigu: "Ugh, I can still feel tiny legs crawling all over me. Here, Ventari would teach us of the uses of adversity. But she was so evil, so twisted, and she had nothing to teach."
Morrigu: "Still, the Pale Tree and I are grateful. We did end up with a victory of sorts. One I will never forget."