Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra (achievement)

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Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra is a Rare Collections achievement. To unlock it, consume Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra, which is an item crafted by a level 400 scribe after obtaining Uzolan's Notes from the Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra point of interest in Divinity's Reach.


Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Rare Collections 3Achievement points
Collect all 14 items to learn how to recreate Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra for your guild hall.
Unlock Item:Premium Book Cover.png Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
Reward:Recipe sheet exotic decoration.png Recipe: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
Collected 1 Item 1Achievement points
Collected 7 Items 1Achievement points
Collected 14 Items 1Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Item Rarity Ingredients
Premium Book Cover.png Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Fine

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Premium Book Cover.png Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra Crafted by a level 400 scribe.
Collection icon notes.png Bandit Chantey Found on bandits throughout Tyria.
Collection icon notes.png Notes on Music Theory Found on members of the Inquest throughout Tyria.
Collection icon notes.png Uzolan's Favorite Song Interact with the discarded papers outside Uzolan's Hideout in Kessex Hills.
Collection icon notes.png Spirit-Powered Horn Imbue an Orichalcum Horn at the Serenity Temple in Blazeridge Steppes.
Collection icon notes.png Alchemic-Powered Horn Imbue an Orichalcum Horn at the Strange Energy Source in Timberline Falls.
Collection icon notes.png Electrically Charged Horn Imbue an Orichalcum Horn at the Luminates Plant in Metrica Province.
Collection icon notes.png Modniir Battle Hymn Carried by Modniir Ulgoth in Harathi Hinterlands.
Collection icon notes.png Palm-Wood Mallet Found in hard-to-reach chests in the Heart of Maguuma.
Collection icon notes.png Adventurous Melody Found in adventure reward chests.
Collection icon notes.png Airship Foghorn Found in Airship Cargo in Verdant Brink.
Collection icon notes.png Golden Tuning Fork Found in Exalted Chests in Auric Basin.
Collection icon notes.png Chak-Shell Ocarina Found in Crystallized Supply Caches in Tangled Depths.
Collection icon notes.png Reed Pipe Found in Noxious Pods in Dragon's Stand.


Sketchbook: Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra and Uzolan's Favorite Song have no hint in the achievement panel. Uzolan's Favorite Song can be found by interacting with the discarded papers outside Uzolan's Hideout in Kessex Hills.
  • A total of 3 Orichalcum Horns are required for this achievement.
  • Items which are awarded from the Heart of Thorns chests can be obtained from chests in a player's home instance.
  • You need to be a scribe in order to pick up the Uzolan's Notebook.