Investigative Study 5

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Investigative Study 5 is a The Battle for Lion's Arch achievement.


Investigative Study 5 The Battle for Lion's Arch 1Achievement points
Find and read sources of information on Scarlet's scheme and its fallout during the episode "The Battle for Lion's Arch."
  • Notes on the Marionette (Scarlet's Secret Lair)
  • Victory Speech (Scarlet's Secret Lair)
  • Omadd's Diary (Scarlet's Secret Lair)
  • Fancy Letter (The Aether Escape)
  • Letter Home (North Evacuation Camp)
  • Lieutenant Goldclaw's Resignation Letter (North Evacuation Camp)
  • Letter from Dad (The Dead End: Celebration)
  • Dancing with Death (Lion's Arch: Honored Guests)
  • Crinkled Letter (Lion's Arch: Honored Guests)
Lore Located 1Achievement points


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