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The Battle for Lion's Arch (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For other uses, see Battle for Lion's Arch (disambiguation).

The Battle for Lion's Arch is a Living World achievement category for the Battle for Lion's Arch release.

The Battle for Lion's Arch.png
The Battle for Lion's Arch (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 39 186Achievement points


  1. ^ Assault Breaker: Also progressed on failing to defeat the trio within the time limit, despite the description.
  2. ^ Build Your Own Backbone: Can be completed by crafting the Advanced Spinal Blades without equipping it, despite the description.
  3. ^ Commanding Heights: From the Pact Emergency Waypoint in White Crane Terrace, climb the cliffs to the southeast. Deputy Turma can be found next to a pink glowing teleporter.
  4. ^ No Free Lunch: Champion Toxic Spider Queen is located at North-East corner of the map. There are two strategies to gain this achievement: 1) kite this champion around and break any cocoon that she will throw at you, or 2) do all your damage at melee range (so you do not get cocooned). Pets and other minions can be targeted by the enemy as well so it's best to not take those with you. To gain this achievement Queen can't even get close to the cocoons or the progress will be lost. This achievement can also be obtained in a Private Squad, which can be easier if trying to coordinate players to stay close together.


  • New achievements added in 2022: Battle for Lion's Arch Mastery, After the Battle, All Bets Are Still Off, Assault Breaker, Battle on the Breachmaker, Connecting the Pieces, Dawn of the Next Journey, Escape from Lion's Arch, I've Lived Things, Investigative Record 3, Investigative Study 5, Lions Rampant, Lions Rampant 2, Please Follow Me to the Exit Again, Raiders of the Lost Parts II, Scarlet's End, Seeking Scarlet: Assault Knight Prototypes, Six More Minutes to Knightfall, The Battle for Lion's Arch, The People's Champion, The Twisted Marionette