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Coalescence II: The Gift

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Coalescence II: The Gift is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to obtain the Gift of Complex Emotions, an item used to create the Legendary ring Coalescence.


Coalescence II: The Gift Legendary Trinkets 10Achievement points
Its bloodlust somewhat lessened, your energy friend now desires to learn more about being. Also it wants a name.
Prerequisite: Coalescence I: Unbridled
Reward:Gift of Complex Emotions.png Gift of Complex Emotions
Collected 18 Items 10Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Description
Alembic Apparatus.png Alembic Apparatus This object seems to have empty sockets at each of its points. The question is, what is meant to go into each of them?
Bottle of Rage (Empty).png Bottle of Rage (Empty) The faintest air of rage clings to this otherwise empty vessel.
Bottle of Rage (Filled).png Bottle of Rage (Filled) This bottle is hot to the touch, filled with malice and hatred.
Bottle of Contempt (Empty).png Bottle of Contempt (Empty) You would much rather not be carrying this jar.
Bottle of Contempt (Filled).png Bottle of Contempt (Filled) Every moment you possess this jar, you are filled with a nearly overwhelming sense of unease and discomfort.
Bottle of Surprise (Empty).png Bottle of Surprise (Empty) This vessel contains the vaguest hints of unpredictability.
Bottle of Surprise (Filled).png Bottle of Surprise (Filled) There is something curiously and perpetually astounding about this jar.
Bottle of Fear (Empty).png Bottle of Fear (Empty) Holding this empty bottle, you feel slightly uncomfortable, as if something watches you from afar.
Bottle of Fear (Filled).png Bottle of Fear (Filled) Every moment you hold this jar, you feel something terrifying stalking behind you.
Bottle of Anguish (Empty).png Bottle of Anguish (Empty) If not careful, you can spend much longer staring into the open mouth of this empty jar than you had intended.
Bottle of Rage (Filled).png Bottle of Anguish (Filled) You feel a tremendous weight holding this vessel—one of regret and uncertainty.
Bottle of Excitement (Empty).png Bottle of Excitement (Empty) You simply cannot wait to find the material that belongs in this jar.
Bottle of Excitement (Filled).png Bottle of Excitement (Filled) Your mood is raised significantly thanks to your possession of this jar.
Bottle of Joy (Empty).png Bottle of Joy (Empty) This jar seems to possess the faintest traces of positivity, but is otherwise devoid of contents.
Bottle of Joy (Filled).png Bottle of Joy (Filled) Nearly weightless and possessed of some sort of bubbly energy, this jar is very pleasing to hold.
Bottle of Shame (Empty).png Bottle of Shame (Empty) You cannot help but hide this jar from others.
Bottle of Shame (Filled).png Bottle of Shame (Filled) You feel strangely guilty possessing this jar, as if a terrible secret weighs on you.
Alchemical Alembic Complete.png Alchemical Alembic Complete Filling the jars has lead to a startling conclusion.

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