Help Herder Lyot maintain her dolyak ranch

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Help Herder Lyot maintain her dolyak ranch

Bouldermouth Vale
(Lornar's Pass)
Renown NPC
Herder Lyot
You helped Herder Lyot.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Hunter Gulley
1,720 Experience.png
322 Karma.png
1 Silver coin 61 Copper coin

Interactive map

Keep dolyaks safe, fed, and in their pen.

— Heart objective

Contributing actions[edit]

Contributing events[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Defend Lyot's ranch from the giant ice wurm (33)

Completion mail[edit]


Herder Lyot

Dolyaks Defended

Thank you for helping with my dolyak ranch, <Character name>. The bloated beasts may be burdensome at times, but I wouldn't want any other job. The wurms you throttled are good and gone—for now, anyway. They breed like rabbits, so I suspect they'll be back at some point. If you ever need any supplies, feel free to stop by.

—Herder Lyot

Silver coin 61 Copper coin