Stonescatter Wash

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Stonescatter Wash

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Stonescatter Wash map.jpg
Map of Stonescatter Wash

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Location within Lornar's Pass

Stonescatter Wash.jpg
Stonescatter Wash

Stonescatter Wash is an area in the west of Lornar's Pass.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Stonescatter Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Mette's Posting
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Olia's Clearing
Hero challenges
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Lionguard Mette (35)





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Vellany (34)


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Olia's Clearing
Deputy Bahe: We could repaint that thing.
Lionguard: What a waste of time. I'll never understand why people care about appearance.
Deputy Bahe: It's more than appearance. Paint protects the wood as well.
Lionguard: That thing already has paint. You just want a different color.
Deputy Bahe: The paint is peeling.
Lionguard: No it isn't.
Deputy Bahe: Heard the windmill groaning last night.
Lionguard: Yeah, the gears need some grease.
Deputy Bahe: Well?
Lionguard: Well, we're out of grease. Have to wait for the caravan.
Lionguard (1): Remember good old Vlothsuse?
Lionguard (2): Best soldier I've ever known.
Lionguard (1): Yeah. I'm going to visit his grave next week.
Lionguard (2): Mind if I come along?
Lionguard (1): Please do.
Lionguard (1): Why don't we just cast some spells and force the weather to give us more wind?
Lionguard (2): Because. It takes energy to influence the weather. More energy than it would take to just saw the logs up by hand.
Lionguard (1): I hate your logic.
At Mette's Posting
Lionguard (2): That water looks tempting. I'd go for a swim if it wasn't for pirates.
Lionguard (1): Pirates. Pff! Who needs 'em?
Lionguard (2): Maybe we'll get the Order to clear them out.
Lionguard (1): Then we could both swim.
Lionguard (2): Remember when that norn threw you into a wall?
Lionguard (1): Yeah, he even shifted to a bear. Every organ in my body felt that.
Lionguard (2): I'll never drink that much again.
Lionguard (1): You always say that.
Lionguard (1): How much grog could a quaggan quaff if a quaggan could quaff grog?
Lionguard (2): It's gonna be a long day.
Lionguard (1): You know why catapults are superior siege engines?
Lionguard (2): Because the bigger they are, the better they are?
Lionguard (1): No, not really. It's because you can launch anything. Logs, garbage, large animals, large animals on fire. Anything.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes