Beaker's Empty Belly

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Beaker's Empty Belly is an Explorer achievement earned by feeding the giant Tomtom's pet griffon, Beaker, some meat from the nearby meat rack. Tomtom and Beaker can be reached via Griffonrook Run in Lornar's Pass. The underwater entrance to this area (which also serves as a jumping puzzle) is located on the western bank of the lake, south of the False Lake Waypoint. It is obscured by some plants to the right of a sunken wooden structure, but a pink light can be seen to mark the tunnel.

To find Tomtom and Beaker, use the teleportation orb in Griffonrook Run to get to the hut at the beginning of the Griffonrook Run jumping puzzle course. Climb on the hut's roof and jump over the west (left) wall, following the path north, down and past some Air Elementals. Tomtom and Beaker will be to your left.

Alternatively, if the player has the Springer or Skyscale mount, the easier way is to teleport to Waypoint (map icon).png Stonescatter Waypoint, then jump on to the outcrop south of Olia's Clearing and continue moving south while encountering Air Elementals, Tomtom and Beaker are close to the jumping puzzle southward.

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