Windy Cave Treasure

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Windy Cave Treasure


Windy cave treasure map.png

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Windy Cave Treasure is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon found by reaching the treasure of Windy Cave in Lornar's Pass.


Windy Cave Treasure Explorer 10Achievement points
Find the treasure of the Windy Cave.Bring a jacket. It's breezy. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

Head south of the Waypoint (map icon).png Mistriven Waypoint, and then make a right going west. The entrance to the cave has a stone wall on the right with some ooze inside the entrance.


Making your way up wooden platforms and parts of the wall is needed to advance. There are many enemies in the cave, and many veteran enemies, so it is best to complete this challenge with a party or at higher levels with a durable character. You will know you are going in the correct direction if you continue to see ooze and veteran ooze along the path. You'll know you're at the end of the mini-dungeon when you go down a set of stairs where a veteran ooze and a Grand Chest are located.






  • The mini-dungeon might be considered easier for Durmand Priory recruits, as they have a guide to assist in directions and procedures for advancing through the cave system.
  • Some will recognize this cave from the Durmand Priory story instance Bad Blood, but unlike in there, the wind does not knock you off of the first walkway (bringing stability is not required).
  • There are no restrictions on Mounts. Almost all enemies can be avoided entirely through Griffon or Skyscale use with the exception of the three oozes at the end by the chest.