Class I Magic Rift

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Class I Magic Rift

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Class I Rift Locations.jpg
Heat map of potential rift locations

Class I Magic Rifts are rifts caused by the Bloodstone explosion within Bloodstone Fen. They appear randomly in several locations in Fields of Ruin around Gillscale Pond, as well as multiple other locations around Tyria, corresponding to the locations you can teleport to using a Class I Rift Stabilizer or Class II Rift Stabilizer.


Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png Stabilize the Rift (80)
Event swords (tango icon).png Stop the Bloodstone Elemental Incursion (33)

Combat abilities[edit]



  • Stable Rift shows a countdown of how long the rift will be active before it disappears.
  • These rifts can be opened by using the Activate Stabilizer skill from either Class I or Class II Rift Stabilizer, which start Stabilize the Rift events.
  • In a place where two rifts are within the range of Activate Stabilizer (such as in southwest Keeper's Sanctum), it is possible to trigger both rift stabilization events simultaneously, which prevents you from completing either.
Rarely, it is possible to trigger two stabilization events on the same rift, preventing you from being able to stabilize it. If they have differing timers, you may be able to wait out the shorter and then stabilize as normal.

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