Astrozintli Forelands

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Astrozintli Forelands

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Astrozintli Forelands map.jpg
Map of Astrozintli Forelands

Astrozintli Forelands locator.svg
Location within Sparkfly Fen

Sparkfly Fen

Astrozintli Forelands.jpg
Astrozintli Forelands

The Astrozintli Forelands is an area within Sparkfly Fen. Here on this peninsula the hylek priests and chieftains have established a fortified temple guarding their sacred holy grounds. Members of the various tribes gather here to plan battle strategies for the final stand against the Risen forces and to defend against their frequent attacks. Many pilgrims and refugees group here, away from the Risen invasion.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Assist Qoetl and the Ni-tlacua at Swampwatch Post (57)
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Help Potatlan at the Western Shore (57)
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Help Cuadinti Prepare Southwatch Post (58)
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Zintl Holy Grounds Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Shorewatch Post
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Southwatch Post
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Swampwatch Post
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Zintl Holy Grounds
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Defend Shorewatch from the Risen (57)
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Defend the east gate (57)
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Defend the south gate (57)
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Defend the southern beach from the Risen (57)
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Defend the west gate (57)
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Hold Swampwatch shoreline from the Risen (57)
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Recapture Swampwatch shoreline from the Risen (57)
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Reclaim Shorewatch from the Risen (57)
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Reclaim the southern beach from the Risen (57)
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[Group Event] Defend the Zintl Holy Grounds (58)
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[Group Event] Retake the Zintl Holy Grounds (58)





Armorsmith (map icon).png
Amak (56)
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Cuadinti (57)
Merchant (map icon).png
Hunter (57)
Scout (map icon).png
Itchi-li (58)
Repairs (map icon).png
Ihah (55)
Merchant (map icon).png
Manchatl (56)
Merchant (map icon).png
Ni-tlacua Hunter (56)
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Potatlan (57)
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Qoetl (57)
Merchant (map icon).png
Shaman Huelec (58)
Artificer tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Armtree (55)
Tailor tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Barrett (55)
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Cheronne (55)
Jeweler tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Erranon (55)
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Jerrick (55)
Chef tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Kruve (55)
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png
Tactician Wylld (55)



Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Swampwatch Post
Ni-tlacua Hunter (1): We're surrounded by the ruins and undead! How did this happen?
Ni-tlacua Hunter (2): The undead drove us here. They ruin everything they touch.
Ni-tlacua Hunter (1): I heard screams from the east again. Hylek screams.
Ni-tlacua Hunter (2): How can that be? We haven’t lost anyone there in weeks.
Ni-tlacua Hunter (1): That's how long they've been screaming.
Ni-tlacua Hunter (1): Where do we have the greater advantage, on land or in the water?
Ni-tlacua Hunter (2): It doesn’t matter to me! I’ll kill them wherever I find them!
Ni-tlacua Hunter (3): Pick your battles carefully. It doesn’t matter to them, either.
Ni-tlacua Hunter (1): I wish they would just swallow their pride and join us.
Ni-tlacua Hunter (2): They never will. They're determined to be the last hylek tribe alive.'
Ni-tlacua Hunter (2): They're going to get that wish. For about a day. Then there won’t be any of us.
At the Zintl Holy Grounds
Temple Custodian (1): I got the bloodstain off the wall
Temple Custodian (2): Good. I cut up the bodies and disposed of them in the bay.
Temple Custodian (2): Did you sweep the main floor?
Temple Custodian (1): Yup.
Temple Custodian (2): You know how the priest hates walking across a dry, dirty floor.
Temple Custodian (1): Yup.
Temple Custodian (1): I slaughtered the last chicken for the priest's supper.
Temple Custodian (2): From now on, he'll eat salted meats like everyone else.
Adventurer (female): So much trauma. So many lives trampled.
Adventurer (male): That's why they worship the sun. It's all that stands between them and their darkest night.
Adventurer (female): ???
Adventurer (male): They are. We're unlikely to find a more hopeless situation than this.
Adventurer (male): These creatures may as well be dead. They're so miserable.
Adventurer (female): Uh-uh. They'll hear you.
Temple Guard (1): Stay alert. It's my turn to nap.
Temple Guard (2): Thanks for the warning. It makes my skin crawl when you sleep standing up, with your eyes open.
Temple Guard (1): I feel the same when you do it. Wake me if there's trouble.
Refugee (1): Someone should cut us a path through the dragon's forces.
Refugee (2): Someone could. But where would we go? Nowhere will be safe forever.
Refugee (1): I don't like feeling surrounded by the enemy.
Refugee (2): The whole world is surrounded by this enemy.
Refugee (1): I could sleep for a season. Hmm.
Refugee (2): (snore)
Refugee (3): We should have built walls. We should have made more weapons.
Refugee (4): But, we didn't.
Refugee (5): You better be right about the island being safe.
Refugee (6): Shut up.
Worshiper (1): Sun God! You're back. We're back. Give us your attention!
Worshiper (2): Good morning, Sun God!


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png
Platinum Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png
Banyan Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png
Plant resource (map icon).png
Verdant Herbs
Bulk ingredients
Chef tango icon 20px.png
Crusader Kruve
Basil Leaves in Bulk.png Basil Leaves in Bulk
Bell Peppers in Bulk.png Bell Peppers in Bulk
Buttermilk in Bulk.png Buttermilk in Bulk
Cheese Wedges in Bulk.png Cheese Wedges in Bulk
Ginger Root in Bulk.png Ginger Root in Bulk
Rice in Bulk.png Rice in Bulk
Sour Cream in Bulk.png Sour Cream in Bulk
Tomatoes in Bulk.png Tomatoes in Bulk
Yeast in Bulk.png Yeast in Bulk


Some merchants are found dead and cannot be revived conventionally. Battle Standard or Glyph of Renewal must be used to revive dead merchants by the crafting stations.