Class I Rift Stabilizer

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Class I Rift Stabilizer

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
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A device for stabilizing unstable magic rifts.

Double-click to equip.

— In-game description


See also: Class II Rift Stabilizer
  1. Successfully complete a Stop the Bloodstone Elemental Incursion dynamic event in Fields of Ruin or have a player already in possession of either a Class I or Class II Rift Stabilizer spawn a Class I Magic Rift. It does not need to be stabilized.
  2. Jump through the rift. If you had someone open a rift for you anywhere besides Fields of Ruin, you will be near Ebonhawke. Turn around and jump into the rift behind you.
  3. Swim to the bottom of the pond and pick up the "???". It does not show up until after step 2 has been completed. You will gain the Mysterious Device.
  4. Talk to Auris Weirdbringer with the Mysterious Device in your inventory.
  5. When Auris says, "Now hold on a minute, cub. You can't rush some things.", don't continue the dialogue, but wait a short while (up to a minute). Eventually, Auris will teleport to another location around Gillscale Pond and you will go with him. This will automatically change your Mysterious Device into a Class I Rift Stabilizer.


  • Once the rift has been stabilized, skill 1 on the skill bar will change to a Roman numeral number I. Each use of skill 1 will now increase the number displayed on skill slot 1's graphic icon, from 1 to 13 (then looping around back to 1); this number will remain in Roman numeral form throughout. Jumping through the rift will teleport the player to a location corresponding to the number currently active in skill slot 1 (see locations below).
  • If another player has already stabilized the rift, usage of the skill Activate Stabilizer will immediately change the player's skill 1 to Roman numeral number I without needing to complete the skill bar mini-game.
  • This device can still be used to start Stabilize the Rift events around Tyria. The empty event markers are no longer present, but the meta event is still active. If you use the Activate Stabilizer skill near an active event, a rift will appear and the Stabilize the Rift event will start.
  • Note that without the presence of the event markers, it is impossible to determine which rift locations are currently active and able to be spawned.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Ezoola's Punch.png Activate Stabilizer 10.25¼ 90.75¾ ...

Once activated on a stabilized Class I Magic Rift, the first slot cycles through these skills, in order.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 RN1.png I ...
1 RN2.png II ...
1 RN3.png III ...
1 RN4.png IV ...
1 RN5.png V ...
1 RN6.png VI ...
1 RN7.png VII ...
1 RN8.png VIII ...
1 RN9.png IX ...
1 RN10.png X ...
1 RN11.png XI ...
1 RN12.png XII ...
1 RN13.png XIII ...


After channeling the skill Activate Stabilizer and choosing a number (per above), jumping into a Class I Magic Rift will teleport the player to a specific location based on the chosen number.

Stabilizer number Location
I Over Gillscale Pond in Fields of Ruin.
II Brawler's Bout in Hoelbrak.
III On top of a pillar at Cachistic R&D in Cursed Shore.
IV The diving goggles at Sculptor's End in Malchor's Leap.
V The vista at Nemus Groves in Diessa Plateau.
VI The bridge at Demon's Maw in Lornar's Pass.
VII The beginning of the jumping puzzle at Pig Iron Mine in Fireheart Rise.
VIII Haunted Nolani in the Black Citadel.
IX The platform where Defeat the misplaced steam ogre takes place at Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province.
X Graupel Waypoint in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.
XI The diving goggles at Crash Site 1, the top of the jumping puzzle in Dry Top.
XII The battle arena next to The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint in Blazeridge Steppes.
XIII The vista at The Envoy's Shelter in The Grove.


  • After jumping into a Class I Magic Rift at least once with each of the 13 settings of the Class I Rift Stabilizer and afterwards the first setting again, you will receive a Broken Rift Stabilizer that can be turned into a Class II Rift Stabilizer by talking to Auris Weirdbringer.
  • Occasionally, you can reopen a rift you have just jumped through, even without the quest marker present. Equip the Stabilizer and use the first skill to reveal the rift and start the stabilizing process.
  • If you are close to a rift when it appears, you will need to move a short distance away from it before it will allow you to enter.