Deserter Flats

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Deserter Flats

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Deserter Flats map.jpg
Map of Deserter Flats

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Deserter Flats.jpg

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Deserter Flats is an area of the Dragonbrand located within Blazeridge Steppes. It contains the ruins of the Serenity Temple and the Durmand Priory camp of Refuge Sanctum who are currently excavaging it for artifacts.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Aid Historian Jinell's research at the Wreckage of Serenity (45)
Waypoint (map icon).png Refuge Sanctum Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Wreckage of Serenity
Hero challenges
Hero point.png Serenity Temple
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Refuge Sanctum
Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the coalescence to disperse the ley-line magic (45)
Event collect (tango icon).png Collect artifacts from Serenity Temple for Cerin (45)
Event swords (tango icon).png Defeat the dragon minions before they absorb too much ley-line magic (45)
Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Kill the Imbued Branded Champion (45)
Event shield (tango icon).png Protect Cerin while he investigates Serenity Temple (45)
Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat the angry spirit of Kendrick Redstaff (46)





Merchant (vendor icon).png Explorer Kindleblight (44)
Renown Heart (map icon).png Historian Jinell (45)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Madd Idolcrusher (44)
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Scholar Kunsgnosa (44)
Scout (map icon).png Sentinel Jaede Faithstriker (45)


Ambient creatures



Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the Refuge Sanctum
Priory Bodyguard (1): Ever wish you were more researcher and less bodyguard?
Priory Bodyguard (2): Not even a little. I'm happy to school anyone who thinks the pen is mightier than a sword.
Priory Bodyguard (1): Don't tell that to Master Gixx.
Priory Bodyguard (1): How about that one?
Priory Bodyguard (2): That one couldn't fight his way out of a drake bladder.
Priory Bodyguard (1): How about a swig of norn mead? It'll put hair on your chest.
Priory Bodyguard (2): I'll take a swig, but in case you hadn't noticed, I already have hair on my chest.
Priory Bodyguard (1): Oh, right. Beautiful hair it is, too.
Priory Historian (1): Historical documents say priests developed the Erudine Elixir.
Priory Historian (2): I don't think that's right. When I think of the elixir. I think of a sweet-smelling priestess with a kind soul.
Priory Historian (1): (humph) Unsubtantiated folderol! Don't you have something to transcribe?
Priory Historian (1): I was reading over breakfast that the Serenity Temple is where the Erudine Elixir was discovered.
Priory Historian (2): It saved lives, did it not? Many lost minds returned to balance after imbiling the elixir.
Priory Historian (1): I found something in this dirt sample. It's a piece of tombstone. There's writing.
Priory Historian (2): Looks like a name. Odvin? Oduin? Odnan? Wait! Could this be from the grave of Odran, Lord of the Rifts?
Priory Historian (1): It is! By gum! It's the find of the century! I'm gonna be famous! Rich and famous!
Priory Historian (2): No way this grave is five centuries old. It's not Odran. It's Odwin. Ourin Odwin. Lord of Nothing.
Priory Historian (1): Oh. That's not as much fun.
Researcher Kolman: You and me, studying an artifact from when your race nearly destroyed mine. Times change, huh?

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Wood resource (map icon).png Tukawa Sapling