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Siren's Landing Insight: Kelp Rock

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Siren's Landing Insight: Kelp Rock

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Siren's Landing Insight: Kelp Rock is a Mastery Insight in Melandru's Reliquary.


Ruins of Orr

Getting there[edit]

Go northeast from King Reza and you should find a single bouncing mushroom. Use the mushroom to jump to the top of a broken glass dome and head west until you see a second broken glass dome. Jump off the cliff where there is an updraft next to the broken half of the second dome (on the north side) to get to the top of it. Continue west and you will be in range to glide to the mastery point which in front of the ruins with the vista.

Alternately, from the Southeast Shrine (?) take the updraft to the top of the second broken glass dome, then head west.

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