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Siren's Landing Insight: Cliff's Edge

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Siren's Landing Insight: Cliff's Edge

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Siren's Landing Insight: Cliff's Edge is a mastery insight perched atop a waterfall dividing Grenth's Reliquary and Dwayna's Reliquary.


Ruins of Orr

Getting there[edit]

Begin from the Southwest Shrine. Head west into Dwayna's Reliquary and use the updrafts to reach the eastern cliff adjacent to Siren's Landing Insight: Dwayna's Tears. (Players may find it easier to begin from Dwayna's Tears.) There will be a series of small updrafts allowing you to reach the top of the waterfall. Take care, as they will occasionally despawn.

Bring a Ley Organ if you have trouble catching the updrafts before they despawn; Ley-Line Leap can be used from a convenient ledge to regain height.

If you have a Springer you can easily reach the mastery point from the north by climbing up on the cliffs (starting just south of Explorer Hiffa's triangular artifact storage).

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