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Storyteller: Dwayna is an achievement available in Siren's Landing, which involves collecting pages from the Parable of Dwayna throughout Dwayna's Reliquary.


Storyteller: Dwayna One Path Ends.png One Path Ends 3Achievement points
Find all the pages of the Parable of Dwayna.
Collected 6 Dwayna Pages 3Achievement points

Location descriptions[edit]

Journal Page 1[edit]

Storyteller- Dwayna 1 map.jpg Storyteller- Dwayna 1.jpg

Located in the southwest corner, dive into the water and emerge in a hidden grotto. The page is beside a skeleton at a campfire.

"Upon a cold, moonless night, there came a man to a farm. The night was so dark, he carried a lit candle to find the path."

Journal Page 2[edit]

Storyteller- Dwayna 2 map.jpg Storyteller- Dwayna 2.jpg

Underneath an underwater shipwreck in the middle of the lake.

"The farmer heard him and called out. 'What business have you here?' The farm was dark as pitch."

Journal Page 3[edit]

Storyteller- Dwayna 3 map.jpg Storyteller- Dwayna 3.jpg

Located west of Siren's Landing Insight: Dwayna's Tears, nestled in the upside down hull of a ship.

"'I seek shelter from the coming storm,' said the traveler. 'Would you invite me to your hearth?'"

Journal Page 4[edit]

Storyteller- Dwayna 4 map.jpg Storyteller- Dwayna 4.jpg

Easiest to reach after obtaining #5. Run north from the insight and through a narrow corridor in the rocks. When you reach the edge of the cliff, glide east around the corner to land on a plateau with two Botanists. The tablet is located in a bush on the west side of this plateau.

"The farmer feared riding out the storm in the dark, but more than that, he feared strangers. The farmer replied, 'No, I cannot.'"

Journal Page 5[edit]

Storyteller- Dwayna 5 map.jpg Storyteller- Dwayna 5.jpg

Southeast of Siren's Landing Insight: Cliff's Edge, in amongst some spiderwebs. Technically within Grenth's Reliquary.

"Saddened, the traveler wished the farmer well and forged onward. Farther down the hill, he found a family who gave him hospitality."

Journal Page 6[edit]

Storyteller- Dwayna 6 map.jpg Storyteller- Dwayna 6.jpg

Located in the pipe beneath the vista, reached by going underwater.

"The farmer suffered the darkest night of his life. A tree fell on his house, crushing his leg. He did not call to Dwayna for help as he knew he didn't deserve it. For him, the morning never came."