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Storyteller: Grenth is an achievement available in Siren's Landing, which involves collecting pages from the Parable of Grenth around Grenth's Reliquary.


Storyteller: Grenth One Path Ends 3Achievement points
Find all the pages of the Parable of Grenth.
Collected 8 Grenth Pages 3Achievement points

Location descriptions[edit]

Parable of Grenth, Page 1[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 1 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 1.jpg

Inside a cave found at the top of the circular arch at the southern entrance to the tunnel that leads to the Overgrown Gazebo. It can be gotten to by using a ley organ to launch yourself up. Page 4 can be found here as well.

Parable of Grenth, Page 2[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 2 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 2.jpg

At the bottom of the pool just north east of the Tears of Orr POI.

Parable of Grenth, Page 3[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 3 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 3.jpg

Hidden amongst rocks next to a coral structure on the north side of the supporting pillar just north of Grenth's Reliquary renown heart. You can use a Ley-Line Scavenger to get up there.

Parable of Grenth, Page 4[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 1 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 1.jpg

Same location as page 1.

Parable of Grenth, Page 5[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 5 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 5.jpg

At the east end of the tent resting on a storage box in Hiffa's Camp.

Parable of Grenth, Page 6[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 6 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 6.jpg

Nestled in the roots of the largest tree near the Tears of Orr POI. Grab a ley organ and jump up on to the rocks along the southern map edge, and climb up to the base of the tree to find the page.

Parable of Grenth, Page 7[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 7 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 7.jpg

Inside the shell of a shipwreck on the largest island at Wreck of the Yesteryear.

Parable of Grenth, Page 8[edit]

Storyteller- Grenth 8 map.jpg Storyteller- Grenth 8.jpg

At the bottom of a crevice underwater, against a cliff side.