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Lyssa's Reliquary

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Lyssa's Reliquary

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Lyssa's Reliquary map.jpg
Map of Lyssa's Reliquary

Lyssa's Reliquary locator.svg
Location within Siren's Landing

Lyssa's Reliquary.jpg
Lyssa's Reliquary

Lyssa's Reliquary is an area within Siren's Landing. It is dedicated to Lyssa, the twin goddesses of beauty, water and illusion.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Reclaim Lyssa's reliquary (80)
Shrine.png Northeast Shrine
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Forgotten Plaza
Point of interest.png Secret Garden





Vendor Star (map icon).png Jester Jingles
Vendor Star (map icon).png King Cyrus the Unremarkable
Renown Heart (map icon).png Queen Bahar



Ambient dialogue[edit]

Botanist (male): I'm so glad you came. What we're doing is monumental.
Botanist (female): I'm glad too. I felt called to be here. It's my Wyld Hunt. I saw this broken land in my Dream.
Botanist (female): It is a sign that our reclamation efforts here are having an effect.
Botanist (male): Did you see how it fought so fiercely? It is beautiful.
Botanist (male): Its ancestors have been here, guarding this ledge, looking down upon human endeavors and construction...
Botanist (female): Even since before humans were a part of Tyria. Not to mention sylvari.
Botanist (female): What will happen once all the Risen are gone? Who will live here?
Botanist (male): It is the ancestral home of humankind, but I do not know that they will reclaim it.
Botanist (female): The human race is not strong. Their numbers have been greatly reduced over time.
Botanist (male): Perhaps we will turn it into a magnificent garden. In contrast to its past. Then all races will live here in harmony.
Botanist (male): Don't you find it interesting that the ghosts of Orrian kings and queens have come to haunt the reliquaries?
Botanist (female): I heard one of them say they were here to assist with the reclamation.
Botanist (male): If we are successful, perhaps they'll be able to finally rest in peace.
Botanist (female): Should we not interfere to ensure its survival?
Botanist (male): No, we cannot involve ourselves in the natural order.
Botanist (female): Here to observe, yes. Doesn't make it any easier.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes


  • Completing events or the renown heart in this area awards the Lyssa's Reliquary effect, which is necessary for unlocking the Hidden Reliquary.
  • Portals lead to a random portal, including itself.
  • To the northeast, up some cliffs, there is a cat at a campsite.