Storyteller: Lyssa

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Storyteller: Lyssa One Path Ends 3Achievement points
Find all the pages of the Parable of Lyssa. Collected x/8 Lyssa Pages 3Achievement points
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Storyteller: Lyssa is an achievement available in Siren's Landing, which involves collecting pages from the Parable of Lyssa throughout Lyssa's Reliquary.

Location descriptions[edit]

Parable of Lyssa, Page 1[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 1 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 1.jpg

In a crevice behind a tall, colorful red and blue tree on one of the highest tiered ledges accessible by portal, with three botanists nearby.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 2[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 2 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 2.jpg

Up on a ledge accessible by glider from an adjacent updraft, near two orbs of unbound magic.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 3[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 3 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 3.jpg

Found in a little divet in the corner of one of the ledges accessible by portal, with a peninsula and corrupted well. Follow the updraft next to it to easily access page 2.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 4[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 4 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 4.jpg

Next to a portal on the island below the large circular arch in the north west corner of Lyssa's Reliquary.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 5[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 5 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 5.jpg

On top of the middle of the three archways on one of the mid-tier ledges. Take the updraft accessible on the ledge to the north.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 6[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 6 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 6.jpg

Tucked in a crevice on a small cliff's edge with large red ferns facing the Choking Depths. Can be accessed from an updraft inside Lyssa's Reliquary if you get on to the cliff above page 2, then drop down on the other side.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 7[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 7 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 7.jpg

Underneath a sunken chunk of the bridge the unbound magic vendor is standing near. Head straight north east from the dock and dive deep.

Parable of Lyssa, Page 8[edit]

Storyteller- Lyssa 8 map.jpg Storyteller- Lyssa 8.jpg

In a small crevice underwater along the cliff side, in the Choking Depths.