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Risen Research

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Risen Research is a collection achievement available in Siren's Landing.


Risen Research One Path Ends 7Achievement points
Collect the lost journal entries.The more you know!
  • Page One: Caught within the Risen Lowlands.
  • Page Two: Studying the Orrian gorillas.
  • Page Three: Atop an ancient citadel.
  • Page Four: Researching wraiths.
  • Page Five: Supported by scaffolding.
  • Page Six: Whispers from the wind.
  • Page Seven: Statues of a fallen god.
1 Journal Page Acquired 1Achievement points
2 Journal Pages Acquired 1Achievement points
3 Journal Pages Acquired 1Achievement points
4 Journal Pages Acquired 1Achievement points


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Page One[edit]

Risen Research 1 map.jpg Risen Research 1.jpg

West of Camp Reclamation is a sylvari food merchant. From the outside and to the west of her building, scramble up the rubble onto the platform with the arches to find the note in the middle of the floor.

Page Two[edit]

Risen Research 2 map.jpg Risen Research 2.jpg

Southwest of the southeast shrine, the page can be found in a corner to the left of Botanist Willow.

Page Three[edit]

Risen Research 3 map.jpg Risen Research 3.jpg

North of the Thoroughfare Ruins point of interest, on the second level of the building the Vista is on top of.

Page Four[edit]

Risen Research 4 map.jpg Risen Research 4.jpg

In the corner of a wide ledge west from southwest shrine.

Page Five[edit]

Risen Research 5 map.jpg Risen Research 5.jpg

Located in Dwayna's Reliquary, on a wooden platform east and below the mastery point.

Page Six[edit]

Risen Research 6 map.jpg Risen Research 6.jpg

Northeast of Dwayna's Reliquary Vista, near Asuran storage triangle.

Page Seven[edit]

Risen Research 7 map.jpg Risen Research 7.jpg

North at the foot of Abaddon's Reliquary, nestled between some rocks behind the fallen statue.

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