Diving Goggles

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Diving Goggles

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Diving Goggles worn by a human

Diving Goggles are bundles which strip characters of their armor and add diving skills. They can be found in high locations overlooking a body of water in which to dive. Diving Goggles are unlocked account-wide at a certain level and are level-gated. Until unlocked, they will give a "You cannot use this item at this time." message when used. The interactive object will respawn after about 12 seconds. Upon putting on the goggles, all skill slots will be locked. The character is stripped of weapons and armor in preparation for the dive. After jumping, slots 1 and 2 become the following skills.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Vapor Blade.png Spin Hold to spin, must jump first.
2 Cleansing Wave.png Flip Hold to flip, must jump first.
Leave Transform.png Leave Transform Exit your current transform early, putting it into full recharge.

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  • This map does not show diving locations inside instances such Kormir's library or the Tower of Nightmares as well as The Mists.


  • Some accounts have access to Diving Goggles locked, even with maximum level characters.
  • Sometimes, using Flip or Spin just before landing will cause the character to freeze briefly, or spin continuously.
  • Sometimes, your character won't go back to their normal outfit after a dive. This won't contribute towards the achievement and can be almost impossible to resolve.
  • Attempting to use the goggles while mounted will fail.
  • Jumping out of the bucket while in the acidic water will still cause damage even while gliding.
You can still interact with an Oakheart's Essence and use its skill while having Diving Goggles equipped.
  • You must land in the water in order to earn credit for the achievement; the jump will not count if you die (with some exceptions, such as the Karka Nest dive).
  • Can be used with the Prototype Position Rewinder.