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Risen Lowlands

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Risen Lowlands

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Risen Lowlands map.jpg
Map of Risen Lowlands

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Location within Siren's Landing

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The Risen Lowlands is an area in Siren's Landing. Various group intending to reclaim this region from Zhaitan's waning corruption have established camps in the ruins located near the shore.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Camp Reclamation Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Camp Reclamation
Point of interest (map icon).png Camp Winfred
Vista (map icon).png Ruined Panorama Vista —
Use ley-line organs to jump up to the vista.




Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Merchant (vendor icon).png Merchant
Merchant (vendor icon).png Merchant




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Guard (male): I came as soon as I heard what you're doing for the Risen. How long have you been here?
Guard (female): Long enough to know we have years of work ahead of us.
Guard (male): Now that I'm here I don't find it so hard to imagine that Orr was under the ocean for so long.
Guard (female): Can you imagine what it must have been like the day it sank? All those people...
Guard (male): Horrible. Whole families... Just horrible.
Guard (female): Will the smell of death ever leave this place?
Guard (male): Only if we keep turning them into mulch and grow fragrant flowers.
Guard (female): The ruins make it easier to stay out of the hands of the Risen. Use them to your advantage.
Guard (male): Is that why you made camp here?
Guard (female): That, and access to the shore.
Treasure Hunter (female): I don't want to go back to the Bal'zar place. I'm allergic to lava.
Treasure Hunter (male): Whatever you say.
Treasure Hunter (male): Once they get the energy flowing around here, we can get into Abaddon.
Treasure Hunter (female): Been locked for a long time. That's the mother lode.
Treasure Hunter (male): Yup.
Treasure Hunter (male): ♪ And-a one for me. And-a none for ye. And-a ton for me. And-a gun for ye. ♪
Treasure Hunter (female): What's that you're singing?
Treasure Hunter (male): Oh, nothing! Just an ol' tune from when I was a cub. Pay no attention.
Treasure Hunter (female): The greater the risk, the greater the treasure.
Treasure Hunter (male): We're going to be rich beyond our wildest dreams.
Treasure Hunter (female): Only if we get out of here alive.
Treasure Hunter (male): Keep watch. Those rotting clunkers can be surprisingly stealthy.
Treasure Hunter (female): What are you going to do?
Treasure Hunter (male): Check our loot, in case your fingers got sticky on that last find.
Treasure Hunter (female): I think I'll keep watch on you.
Botanist: How many dead Orrians does it take to reclaim Orr?
Scholar: I don't know. How many?
Botanist: All of them. 'Cause sylvari are naturals at composting.
Scholar: That's not funny.
Botanist: How odd. Those charr I was talking to thought it was hilarious.
Botanist: I have many questions about this place and its inhabitants.
Scholar: I can endeavor to answer them.
Botanist: To start, what's a reliquary?
Scholar: From what I can tell, it's a fancy word for crate, but religious. They come in all sizes and are used for storing relics.
Botanist: Did they really build all this for the sole purpose of honoring their gods?
Scholar: Evidence suggests they did, back when the gods were still living here.
Botanist: But their gods left them. Why do they still think so highly of them?
Scholar: That is a question that may forever baffle us scholars.
Scholar: Have you met any of the ghosts?
Botanist: I'm avoiding them. Meeting ghosts that were alive before my race was born gives me the creeps.
Kid: I don't like it here. Why did we come?
Warrior: I wanted you to see the horrors that exist in our world. A true hunter doesn't hunt only forest animals.
Warrior: Every one of these Risen once had a normal life like you and me. Through a series of disastrous events, they were changed.
Warrior: What we're doing for them, killing them, is putting them out of a misery that has lasted far too long.
Kid: Can't we let someone else do this?
Warrior: Is that something Eir Stegalkin would have said? No.
Warrior: You're the hero. This is what heroes do.
Kid: Can I be a legendary blacksmith instead?
Warrior: You never want to get close to mindless creatures if you don't have to. They're unpredictable.
Kid: And if I do?
Warrior: Then you give it all you've got. And if that's not good enough, run.
Kid: Run away?
Warrior: Live to fight another day.
Kid: Can't we go kill drakes? These Risen are so disgusting. My weapons are all... gooey.
Warrior: We'll kill drakes when we get home. Today, we learn to overcome our disgust.
Warrior: I want you covered in musk before the day is over.
Kid: Wolf's teeth, Father!
Volunteer (male): Keep your eyes open. I'm going to close mine for a few minutes.
Volunteer (female): Napping? Out here?
Volunteer (male): Just drowsing. This water is so warm and relaxing. I want to put down roots.
Volunteer (female): My turn next.
Volunteer (1): In the Grove, they're saying that you're cleansing the Risen, bringing them back from the dragon.
Volunteer (2): I wish that were true, but they cannot be saved. We are showing them mercy and returning them to the soil.
Volunteer (1): Oh, that's disappointing.
Volunteer (2): I cannot disagree.
Guard: It feels right to return these poor creatures back to the land.
Explorer: Nature approves.
Guard: They've earned a bit of mercy.
Helper Qiana: I see now that Zhaitan delivered destruction and death. Mordremoth brought life.
Explorer: Makes sense. The life it brought was dark and dangerous, but it was life nonetheless.
Helper Qiana: And yet, we are not dark and dangerous.
Explorer: Are we not?
Explorer: If the Pale Tree had not separated herself from Mordremoth, we would be like these Risen.
Helper Qiana: Without willpower. It is a terrible thing to consider.
Explorer: We owe our mother everything.
Worker: I wonder what it feels like to be a Risen.
Krewe Leader: Is it possible they've been trapped inside their own decaying bodies, all this time?
Worker: Do you suppose they're in pain?
Worker: If only we could find a way to communicate with them.
Worker: I'm still finding it hard to sleep here. The night is so loud.
Krewe Leader: Me too. The Risen are so persistent.
Worker: I think the word you're looking for is restless. It's contagious.
Worker: I still can't believe you walked up to that one and said, "Rrrrowrrr... Frrrieeeend..."
Krewe Leader: It was worth a try.
Worker: And did you get the response you expected?
Krewe Leader: Sadly, yes. I'm glad you were there to kill it.
Botanist (male): What's your plan? Is there a plan?
Botanist (female): There was one.
Botanist (male): In the time we've been here, we haven't even managed to hold the beach. They just keep coming.
Botanist (female): Our hope is to take it back section by section
Botanist (male): I will help. And others will come too. We'll take it back.

(After the event Weaken the undead so Scholar Anka can capture them is finished.)

Explorer: She's being ridiculous. You know as well as I do that we cannot cure these poor creatures.
Helper Qiana: I know. The corruption has changed them too much. They didn't have a protector like we did.
Explorer: Their willpower is gone, their memories too.
Explorer: They creep along, eating whatever is in their path.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Wood resource (map icon).png Cypress Sapling


  • The vista is called "Ruined Panorama" in the UI when first discovered. This is unique to all vistas within Siren's Landing, vistas within all other explorable zones are unnamed.