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Critical Damage

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Critical Damage, also known as Prowess, is a derived attribute that determines damage dealt by critical hits. The base value of the attribute is 150%, and thus a character's critical hits inflict 150% of normal damage without any bonuses. Critical Damage is primarily increased by the Ferocity secondary attribute, every 15 points of Ferocity granting increase of 1% in critical damage, and also directly by a handful of traits and effects.


[edit] Related skills

[edit] Utility skills that increase critical damage

[edit] Related traits

[edit] Trait lines that increase Ferocity

[edit] Traits that increase critical damage

[edit] Related equipment

[edit] Equipment prefixes that increase critical damage

[edit] Upgrade components that increase critical damage

Runes marked with a * do not follow the normal benefit pattern. See the respective rune pages for more info.

[edit] Related consumable

[edit] Consumables that increase critical damage

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