Spekks's Laboratory

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Spekks's Laboratory

Spekks's Laboratory map.jpg
Map of Spekks's Laboratory

Spekks's Laboratory.jpg
Spekks's Laboratory

Spekks's Laboratory is a jumping puzzle located in the western part of Caledon Forest, near Waypoint (map icon).png Gleaner's Cove Waypoint. In the Sandycove Beach, follow the north branch of the river west from the Bay Haven to its source. Enter the cave right next to the source and climb the rocks to reach the laboratory.


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Related achievements[edit]


The puzzle is listed as Spekks's Laboratory in the achievement list, in the achievement popup, and Spekk's Laboratory in the hint for Crystallized Magic. However, it is given as Spekk's Lab in the hint for Love of Solitude and in the Daily achievement page.
  • It's possible to have another player assist by reactivating the discs for you if you get stuck midway through the second or the fifth checkpoints.
  • If you are killed, you still have "credit" for having reached various control panel checkpoints in the puzzle. So, revive at a waypoint (or use the pop-up if you died in the lava), and then come back and talk to one of the Lab Assistant golems.
  • Before an update disabled gliding and mounts in the jumping puzzle, you could just mount a Griffon and fly to the magnificent chest directly.