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The Dreamer I: The Experimental Short Bow

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The Dreamer I: The Experimental Short Bow is a Legendary Weapons collection achievement to gain the precursor weapon, The Lover, for the legendary short bow, The Dreamer. This collection is the first step to obtain the first tier of the precursor, The Lover Experiment.


The Dreamer I: The Experimental Short Bow Legendary Weapons 3Achievement points
The heart hunts on a lonely train, plagued by desire, sadness, and occasionally joy. It pervades Tyria and its people.
Track down these moments of the heart throughout the land in your first steps to create the legendary precursor The Lover.
Prerequisite: Revered Antiquarian
Unlock Item:The Dreamer Vol. 1.png The Dreamer Vol. 1
Reward:Chest of Love.png Chest of Love
Collected 14 items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Dessa's Sadness.png Dessa's Sadness Find the letter meant for Dessa in the Raving Asura's chest in the Uncategorized Fractal, and bring it to Dessa.
Ikkhit'ch's Friend.png Ikkhit'ch's Friend Find a rare cactus flower while harvesting cactus in the Maguuma Wastes and bring it to Ikkhit'ch's friend, the Seraph Archer in Camp Resolve.
True Love of the Dwarves.png True Love of the Dwarves Purchase a Stein of Ancient Deldrimor Ale from Arcanist Vance in the ruins of the Granite Citadel in Dredgehaunt Cliffs after helping him study the Dwarven relics. Then bring it to Ogden Stonehealer in the Durmand Priory.
Love of an Ascalonian Girl.png Love of an Ascalonian Girl Bring a red iris flower picked from the Urban Battlegrounds Fractal to the grave of Gwen Thackeray in Ebonhawke.
Harpy's Love.png Harpy's Love Purchased from Wark after rescuing him from the infatuated harpy matriarch.
Love of Shinies.png Love of Shinies Bring the Skritt King a shiny orb harvested from the large glowing orb at the Wreck of the Golden Vanity in Cursed Shore.
Love of Revolution.png Love of Revolution Found in the chest in the Underground Facility Fractal.
Love of Freedom.png Love of Freedom Found in the chest at the end of the Cliffside Fractal.
Love of Solitude.png Love of Solitude Found in the chest at the end of the Spekk's Laboratory jumping puzzle in Caledon Forest.
Love of Gardening.png Love of Gardening Dropped by enemies guarding their gardens.
Love of Animals.png Love of Animals Dropped by Otyugh in Fields of Ruin.
Quaggan Love.png Quaggan Love Give a black pearl, dropped by the risen[sic] in Orr, to Peneloopee in Lion's Arch.
Love among the Weeds.png Love among the Weeds Read about the quaggan love potion in the Durmand Priory.
Love Driven to Madness.png Love Driven to Madness Bow to the Sculptor's Memorial in Malchor's Leap out of respect for his great love.

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