Magellan's Memento

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Magellan's Memento


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Magellan's Memento is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon that is located in Arundon Vale in Frostgorge Sound.


Magellan's Memento Explorer 10Achievement points
Uncover the riches that doomed Francis Magellan.Some prayers go unanswered. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

From Waypoint (map icon).png Arundon Waypoint, proceed north and then east, until you're halfway between Point of interest (map icon).png Safewatch Vale and Point of interest (map icon).png Offering Stone. The cave entrance is in the mountainside directly south of you.


Intended path[edit]


The entrance to the mini-dungeon is guarded by a group of Dragon tribe grawl. Kill them or just run past, into the first large chamber.

First chamber

The first chamber is guarded by more grawl, as well as several traps. Ice stalactites will fall from the ceiling dealing minor damage and inflicting Chilled.png Chilled. The choke points on the west and east paths through the chamber hide spike traps that deal minor damage and inflict Crippled.png Crippled. They can be avoided by walking between the three ice pillars in the centre of the room.

Second chamber

Further inside, players will find the first Tattered Journal and a slope. When climbing the slope, rocks will fall from the ceiling, dealing massive damage and Launch.png launching players. The best way to proceed is to walk up the slope hugging the wall, as there are safe gaps between the rockfalls. More Dragon tribe grawl will be found patrolling after the slope, where players will also find Tattered Journal Vol. 2, and a Makeshift Gate they will have to destroy.

Third chamber

The next chamber contains three groups of three oozes each. Kill them one group at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Continue down the tunnel and you will come across Tattered Journal Vol. 3. The final chamber, and the treasure, is just ahead.

Fourth chamber

The last chamber contains a few more oozes, as well as the final boss of the mini-dungeon: the Giant Blue Ooze. Beware of the following things, as both the boss and the area around it are deadly:

  • The area around the boss will be continuously bombarded by falling rocks, as seen in the second chamber. Just like before, they deal massive damage and Launch.png launch players.
  • It may be easier to fight the boss if you can lure it away from the rockfalls, but beware of its Ooze Vacuum skill, which Pull.png pulls players, as this could pull you right back into the rocks.
    • Careful positioning can mitigate this, as the Launch.png launch from Ooze Vacuum is always in the opposite direction that it pulled you in. Keep the boss's back to a wall, and you will be launched into that wall, rather than back into the rock pit.
  • Beware of its Stomp ability, signalled by a charging animation with a yellow glow - this also Launch.png launches players and deals massive damage around itself.

After killing the boss, players can then carefully walk to the chest of riches that doomed Francis Magellan, and open it to collect their spoils and earn the achievement.

Exiting the mini-dungeon

If you'd like to exit under your own steam, rather than waypoint out, you have a couple of options:

  • Jump on top of the Grand Chest, and then onto the rocks behind it (aiming for the right-hand corner of the rock, which is somewhat lower). From here you can jump to the ledge behind the chest and walk north out of the cave.
  • On the northwest side of the cave, at a gap between the blue ice pillars and the wall, Mounts Disabled.png Mounts Disabled is not in effect. Use a mount such as the Springer or Skyscale to jump over this ledge, and out into the exit area.

Shortcut path[edit]

If you're having trouble completing the mini-dungeon, or you'd like to save time, it's possible to enter through the exit, effectively skipping directly to the final chamber where the chest is.

To do so, you will need either a Springer, or a Raptor with the Bond of Faith.pngBond of Faith mastery unlocked.

As in the normal path, start at Waypoint (map icon).png Arundon Waypoint. Instead of going past Point of interest (map icon).png Safewatch Vale, however, head towards the cliffs southwest of it. You'll see a tall ledge with a cave opening above it, framed by icicles.

Springer access

The area immediately around the exit is protected by Mounts Disabled.png Mounts Disabled. Back away from the ledge until you are able to remain mounted on your Springer. From there, simply  Rocket Jump.png Rocket Jump as high as you can, holding W as you do so to maximize the distance travelled. As long as you kept moving forwards in midair, this should be enough to get you onto the ledge.

Raptor access

Climb onto the low rock to the western side of the exit. Getting as close as you can without being dismounted,  Leap (Raptor).png Leap and simultaneously use  Bond of Faith.png Bond of Faith. The momentum from the two skills combined should be enough to launch you onto the ledge.

Once on the ledge, continue a short way into the cave, sticking to the left (eastern) wall. The chest is on the left after a short drop - refer to the intended path instructions for the fourth chamber, and how to exit once you've collected your loot.






  • Hints for soloing this mini-dungeon can be found on the discussion page.