Magellan's Memento

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Magellan's Memento

Magellan's Memento Chest.jpg
Magellan's Memento

Magellan's Memento is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon that is located in Arundon Vale in Frostgorge Sound.


Magellan's Memento Explorer 10Achievement points
Uncover the riches that doomed Francis Magellan.Some prayers go unanswered. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

Proceed north and east from Waypoint (map icon).png Arundon Waypoint to Safewatch Vale and then further east in the direction of Offering Stone. The cave entrance is in the mountainside midway between the two points of interest.


The entrance to the mini-dungeon is guarded by a group of Dragon Tribe grawl. There are more grawl on the first chamber, ice stalactites will fall from the ceiling to deal very minor damage and 3 seconds of chill, and the chokepoints in the sides hide spike traps that deal very minor damage and apply cripple, they can be avoided by walking between the three ice pillars in the centre.

Further inside, players will find the first Tattered Journal and a slope. When climbing the slope, rocks will fall from the ceiling dealing massive damage and launching players, the best way to proceed is to walk hugging the wall. More Dragon Tribe grawl will be found patrolling after the slope, where players will then find the second tattered journal, and a Makeshift Gate they will have to destroy.

The following chamber is filled with oozes, it might be better to kill them in small groups. Ahead lies the third and final tattered journal, a few oozes, and the final boss, the dangerous Giant Blue Ooze. The area surrounding the boss is extremely deadly as rocks will continuously fall from the ceiling dealing massive damage and launch, it might be wiser to pull the boss away from the corner and the chest, but bearing in mind that the boss can pull players into itself to then throw them behind it, potentially devastating them by pulling and throwing them into falling rocks. After killing the boss, players can then carefully walk to the chest of riches that doomed Francis Magellan and open it to collect their spoils and earn the achievement.