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This template returns a list of traits that grant a certain boon, apply a certain condition or a certain control effect. Sorted by profession (alphabetically within heavy, medium, light), by elite specialization and by trait line. It relies on the usage of the template {{skill fact}} which sets the according skill fact properties. An overview of the skill fact properties and their types can be found here. Format using {{trait list result format}}.

Related templates
Usage Skill templates Trait templates Description
Section {{Related skills}} {{Related traits}} These templates list all related skills/traits based on {{skill fact}} and on the {{trait infobox}} improves parameters. They create subsection headings automatically.
Subsection {{Skill list}} {{Trait list}} These templates list all related skills of a certain context (e.g. weapon, utility)/traits based on {{skill fact}}
{{Skill list by property}} {{Trait list by property}} These templates list all related skills/traits based on a smw query, e.g. based on the {{trait infobox}} improves parameters.
Inline {{Trait list entry}} This template displays the profession icon, trait icon, trait, trait line and trait description.

For trait skills use {{Skill list|Trait|<effect>}} (or {{Skill list|Trait}} using page name as default value).


{{Trait list|<effect>|type=<type>}}


1 (unnamed parameter)
Required. Trait fact, boon, condition or control effect, e.g. Might, Burning. Defaults to PAGENAME.
Optional. Trait fact type. For boons, conditions and control effect this is set automatically. See also here.
Optional. Either "none", "description" (default) or "notes" (stacks and duration).
Optional. Allows to ask for the skill effect number, e.g. "20" for Physical Projectile (20% chance) and "100" for Physical Projectile.
Optional. Secondary effect, e.g. "converted from" attribute for type "Attribute Conversion". Overrides unnamed parameter 1.
include effects
Optional. Include fact type "Effect" facts to allow keywords set via effect bonus (i.e. to ask for Property:Has fact effect instead of Property:Has fact), e.g. "Power" for Attacker's Insight. Either "no" (default), "yes" or "only".
Optional. Intro text.
Optional. Intro heading. This will internally set filter classes for {{related traits filter}}.
heading level
Optional. Intro heading level, defaults to h3.
Optional. Default text.
Optional. Additional query.


{{Trait list|Power}}
{{Trait list|Power|include effects=only}}
{{Trait list|Power|include effects=yes}}
{{Trait list|Toughness|number=<0}}
  • No traits found.
{{Trait list|type=Attribute Conversion|secondary=Power}}

Format comparison (parameter "suffix")[edit]

description (default) none
{{Trait list|Power|suffix=description}}
{{Trait list|Power|suffix=none}}