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Skill facts are properties of a skill or trait displayed in the tooltip. The template provides correct formatting for creating skill facts for use in the {{skill infobox}} and {{trait infobox}}. Subobject creation uses {{Skill fact/subobject}}.

{{skill fact|<fact>|<value>}}
{{skill fact|<fact>|<value>|game mode=<game modes in which the skill fact is used>}}
{{skill fact|<fact>|<modifier>|<value>}}
{{skill fact|property|<fact>|<value>}}
{{skill fact|effect|<effect>|stacks=<stacks>|alt=<Alternate text>|desc=<Alternate description>|nodesc=<can be set to true to disable description>|effect bonus=<SMW: storing the effect bonus keyword, separated by ";">}}
{{skill fact|misc|alt=<fact>|<value>|icon=<icon>}}


Skill fact Example Display
linked skill {{skill fact|Vigor|linked skill=Rocket Boots|4}}
 Rocket Boots.png Vigor.png Vigor (4s): 50% Endurance Regeneration
stacks {{skill fact|vulnerability|10|stacks=5}}
 Vulnerability.png5 Vulnerability (10s): 5% Incoming Damage, 5% Incoming Condition Damage
strikes {{skill fact|damage|202|strikes=2}}
 Damage.png Damage (2x): 202
t {{skill fact|effect|Brawler Protection|3|t=m}}
 Brawler Protection.png Brawler Protection (3m): Blocks all costume brawl skills.



Skill fact Example Display
aegis {{skill fact|aegis|3}}
 Aegis.png Aegis (3s): Block the next incoming attack.
alacrity {{skill fact|alacrity|3}}
 Alacrity.png Alacrity (3s): 25% Skill Recharge Rate
fury {{skill fact|fury|3}}
 Fury.png Fury (3s): 20% Critical Chance
might {{skill fact|might|3}}
 Might.png Might (3s): 30 Condition Damage, 30 Power
protection {{skill fact|protection|3}}
 Protection.png Protection (3s): -33% Incoming Damage
quickness {{skill fact|quickness|3}}
 Quickness.png Quickness (3s): Skills and actions are faster.
regeneration {{skill fact|regeneration|3}}
 Regeneration.png Regen (3s): 390 Heal
resistance {{skill fact|resistance|6}}
 Resistance.png Resistance (6s): Conditions currently on you are ineffective; stacks duration.
retaliation {{skill fact|retaliation|3}}
 Retaliation.png Retaliation (3s): Reflect incoming damage back to its source.
stability {{skill fact|stability|3}}
 Stability.png Stability (3s): Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
swiftness {{skill fact|swiftness|3}}
 Swiftness.png Swiftness (3s): 33% Movement Speed
vigor {{skill fact|vigor|3}}
 Vigor.png Vigor (3s): 50% Endurance Regeneration


Skill fact Example Display
bleeding {{skill fact|bleeding|3}}
 Bleeding.png Bleeding (3s): 66 Damage
blind {{skill fact|blind|3}}
 Blinded.png Blindness (3s): Next outgoing attack misses.
burning {{skill fact|burning|3}}
 Burning.png Burning (3s): 393 Damage
chilled {{skill fact|chilled|3}}
 Chilled.png Chilled (3s): -66% Skill Recharge Rate, -66% Movement Speed
confusion {{skill fact|confusion|3}}
 Confusion.png Confusion (3s): 30 Damage, 50 Damage to Players on Skill Use, 96 Damage to Non-Players on Skill Use
crippled {{skill fact|crippled|3}}
 Crippled.png Cripple (3s): -50% Movement Speed
fear {{skill fact|fear|3}}
 Fear.png Fear (3s): Involuntary retreat; unable to act; stacks duration.
immobilized {{skill fact|immobilized|3}}
 Immobile.png Immobilize (3s): Unable to move.
poisoned {{skill fact|poisoned|3}}
 Poisoned.png Poison (3s): 101 Damage, -33% Heal Effectiveness
slow {{skill fact|slow|2}}
 Slow.png Slow (2s): Skills and actions are slower.
taunt {{skill fact|taunt|3.25}}
 Taunt.png Taunt (30.25¼s): Involuntarily attack foes.
torment {{skill fact|torment|10}}
 Torment.png Torment (10s): 220 Damage, 318 Damage if Moving
vulnerability {{skill fact|vulnerability|3}}
 Vulnerability.png Vulnerability (3s): 1% Incoming Damage, 1% Incoming Condition Damage
weakness {{skill fact|weakness|3}}
 Weakness.png Weakness (3s): -50% Endurance Regeneration, 50% Fumble (Unrestricted)

Control effects[edit]

Skill fact Example Display
daze {{skill fact|daze|3}}
 Daze.png Daze: 3 seconds
daze alt {{skill fact|daze alt|3}}
 Daze.png Daze (3s): Unable to use skills.
float {{skill fact|float|3}}
 Float.png Float: 3 seconds
knockback {{skill fact|knockback|500}}
 Knockback.png Knockback: 500
knockdown {{skill fact|knockdown|3}}
 Knockdown.png Knockdown: 3 seconds
launch {{skill fact|launch|500}}
 Launch.png Launch: 500
pull {{skill fact|pull|180}}
 Radius.png Pull: 180
sink {{skill fact|sink|3}}
 Sink.png Sink: 3 seconds
stun {{skill fact|stun|3}}
 Stun.png Stun: 3 seconds
stun alt {{skill fact|stun alt|3}}
 Stun.png Stun (3s): Unable to act.

Damage, Healing, and Barriers[edit]

Skill fact Example Display
damage {{skill fact|damage|30|strikes=4|coefficient=3.2}}
{{skill fact|damage|weapon=axe|strikes=4|coefficient=3.2}}
{{skill fact|damage|180|coefficient=3.2|scaling=power-only}}
 Damage.png Damage (4x): 30 (3.2)?
 Damage.png Damage (4x): 1,172 (3.2)?
 Damage.png Damage: 180 (3.2)?
healing {{skill fact|healing|30|coefficient=0.9}}
 Healing.png Healing: 30 (0.9)?
life siphon damage {{skill fact|life siphon damage|weapon=axe|strikes=6|coefficient=1.5}}
{{skill fact|life siphon damage|298|coefficient=0.1|scaling=power-only}}
 Damage.png Life Siphon Damage (6x): 552 (1.5)?
 Damage.png Life Siphon Damage: 298 (0.1)?
life siphon healing {{skill fact|life siphon healing|450|coefficient=0.3}}
 Healing.png Life Siphon Healing: 450 (0.3)?
health loss {{skill fact|health loss|500}}
 Health Loss.png Health Loss: 500
health loss per interval {{skill fact|health loss per interval|5}}
 Health Loss.png Health Loss per Interval: 5%
barrier {{skill fact|barrier|500|coefficient=0.1}}
 Barrier.png Barrier: 500 (0.1)?

See Template:Damage calculation for a list of allowed weapon parameters.


Effects are identified by having an icon matching the effect received, with or without a duration, and either the effect description or an abbreviated version.

{{skill fact|effect|<Effect>|stacks=<stacks>|alt=<Alternate text>|desc=<Alternate description>|nodesc=<can be set to true to disable description>}}
Skill fact Example Display
Distortion (effect) {{skill fact|effect|Distortion (effect)|3}}
 Distortion.png Distortion (3s): Immune to conditions and damage.
Banner of Discipline (effect) {{skill fact|effect|Banner of Discipline (effect)|desc=170 [[Precision]], 170 [[Ferocity]]}}
 Banner of Discipline.png Banner of Discipline: 170 Precision, 170 Ferocity
Fencer's Finesse (effect) {{skill fact|effect|Fencer's Finesse (effect)|6|desc=15 [[Ferocity]]}}
 Fencer's Finesse.png Fencer's Finesse (6s): 15 Ferocity
Hide in Shadows (effect) {{skill fact|effect|Hide in Shadows (effect)|6|alt=Stealth}}
 Stealth.png Stealth (6s): Grants stealth.

Increase and decrease modifiers[edit]

Most modifiers increase or decrease a value by a percentage. duration increase can either provide an base increase or percentage increase, specify a percentage using a % character.

Skill fact Example Display
attack speed increase {{skill fact|attack speed increase|50}}
 Radius.png Attack Speed Increase: 50%
damage increase {{skill fact|damage increase|50}}
 Damage.png Damage Increase: 50%
damage reduced {{skill fact|damage reduced|50}}
 Damage.png Damage Reduced: 50%
damage reduction per hit {{skill fact|damage reduction per hit|10}}
 Damage.png Damage Reduction per Hit: 10%
condition damage increase {{skill fact|condition damage increase|20}}
 Damage.png Damage Increase: 20%
condition damage reduced {{skill fact|condition damage reduced|50}}
 Damage.png Condition Damage Reduced: 50%
duration increase {{skill fact|duration increase|2}}
 Duration.png Duration Increase: 2 seconds
duration increase {{skill fact|duration increase|50%}}
 Duration.png Duration Increase: 50%
duration decreased {{skill fact|duration decreased|2}}
 Duration.png Duration Decreased: 2 seconds
duration decreased {{skill fact|duration decreased|50%}}
 Duration.png Duration Decreased: 50%
radius increase {{skill fact|radius increase|60}}
 Radius.png Radius Increase: 60
radius increase {{skill fact|radius increase|50%}}
 Radius.png Radius Increase: 50%
recharge reduced {{skill fact|recharge reduced|50}}
 Count Recharge.png Recharge Reduced: 50%
recharge time reduced {{skill fact|recharge time reduced |60}}
 Count Recharge.png Recharge Time Reduced: 60 seconds
chance on critical hit {{skill fact|chance on critical hit|33}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Chance on Critical Hit: 33%
critical chance increase {{skill fact|critical chance increase|33}}
 Precision attribute.png Critical Chance Increase: 33%
critical damage increase {{skill fact|critical damage increase|33}}
 Ferocity attribute.png Critical Damage Increase: 33%
movement speed increase {{skill fact|movement speed increase|33}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Movement Speed Increase: 33%

Notable properties[edit]

Skill fact Example Display
gain {{skill fact|gain|Vitality|Power|7}}
 Vitality attribute.png Gain Vitality Based on a Percentage of Power: 7%
condition {{skill fact|condition|Burning}}
 Burning.png Condition Removed
condition effect ignored {{skill fact|condition effect ignored|Blinded}}
 Blinded.png Condition Effect Ignored
conditions removed {{skill fact|conditions removed|2}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Conditions Removed: 2

General properties[edit]

Skill fact Example Display
adrenaline {{skill fact|adrenaline|3}}
 Attribute bonus.png Adrenaline: 3
attribute {{skill fact|attribute|Vitality|250}}
 Vitality attribute.png Vitality: +250
attribute {{skill fact|attribute|Vitality|-250}}
 Vitality attribute.png Vitality: -250
attribute {{skill fact|attribute|attribute increase|150}}
 Attribute bonus.png Attribute Increase: 150
attribute {{skill fact|attribute|attribute reduced|150}}
 Attribute penalty.png Attribute Reduced: 150
blocks missiles {{skill fact|blocks missiles}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Blocks Missiles
boon {{skill fact|boon|Stability}}
 Stability.png Boon Removed
boons removed {{skill fact|boons removed|2}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Boons Removed: 2
bounce {{skill fact|bounce|5}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Number of Bounces: 5
breaks enemy targeting {{skill fact|breaks enemy targeting}}
 Breaks Enemy Targeting.png Breaks Enemy Targeting
breaks stun {{skill fact|breaks stun}}
 Breaks stun.png Breaks Stun
cannot critical hit {{skill fact|cannot critical hit}}
 Critical Chance.png Cannot Critical Hit
capture {{skill fact|capture}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Prevents Capture-Point Contribution
combat {{skill fact|combat}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Combat Only
count recharge {{skill fact|count recharge|10}}
 Count Recharge.png Count Recharge: 10 seconds
duration {{skill fact|duration|30}}
 Duration.png Duration: 30 seconds
endurance gained {{skill fact|endurance gained|100}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Endurance Gained: 100
evade {{skill fact|evade|0.75}}
 Evade.png Evade: 0.75¾ seconds
interval {{skill fact|interval|3}}
 Interval.png Interval: 3 seconds
invulnerability {{skill fact|invulnerability|2}}
 Duration.png Invulnerability Duration: 2 seconds
life force {{skill fact|life force|5}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Life Force: 5%
maximum count {{skill fact|maximum count|5}}
 Maximum Count.png Maximum Count: 5
percent {{skill fact|percent|10}}
 Radius.png Percent: 10%
pierces {{skill fact|pierces}}
 Pierces.png Pierces
pulses {{skill fact|pulses|3}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Pulses: 3
radius {{skill fact|radius|500}}
 Radius.png Radius: 500
range {{skill fact|range|500}}
 Range.png Range: 500
recharge time {{skill fact|recharge time|3}}
 Count Recharge.png Recharge Time: 3 seconds
reflect {{skill fact|reflect}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Reflect Missiles
revive {{skill fact|revive}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Revive Percentage: 0%
targets {{skill fact|targets|5}}
 Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 5
allied targets {{skill fact|allied targets|5}}
 Number of targets.png Number of Allied Targets: 5
health threshold {{skill fact|health threshold|50}}
 Radius.png Health Threshold: 50%
heat gain {{skill fact|heat gain|5}}
 Heat.png Heat Gained: 5%
heat threshold {{skill fact|heat threshold|50}}
 Heat.png Heat Threshold: 50
unblockable {{skill fact|unblockable}}
 Unblockable.png Unblockable
property {{skill fact|property|Hits per Shell|5}}
 Miscellaneous effect.png Hits per Shell: 5


The icon for {{skill fact|property|}} cannot be changed.

Combo fields and finishers[edit]

Combo type Example Display
dark {{skill fact|combo|dark}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Dark
ethereal {{skill fact|combo|ethereal}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Ethereal
fire {{skill fact|combo|fire}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Fire
ice {{skill fact|combo|ice}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Ice
light {{skill fact|combo|light}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Light
lightning {{skill fact|combo|lightning}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Lightning
poison {{skill fact|combo|poison}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Poison
smoke {{skill fact|combo|smoke}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Smoke
water {{skill fact|combo|water}}
 Combo.png Combo Field: Water
blast {{skill fact|combo|blast}}
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Blast
leap {{skill fact|combo|leap}}
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Leap
projectile {{skill fact|combo|projectile}}
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile
projectile (20% Chance) {{skill fact|combo|projectile|y}}
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile (20% chance)
whirl {{skill fact|combo|whirl}}
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Whirl

Linked skills[edit]

Example Display
{{skill fact|linked skill=Fire Attunement|effect|Flame Burst}}
 Fire Attunement.png Flame Burst.png Flame Burst: Burn foes at the target location.
{{skill fact|Vigor|linked skill=Rocket Boots|4}}
 Rocket Boots.png Vigor.png Vigor (4s): 50% Endurance Regeneration
{{skill fact|effect|"Sic 'Em!" (effect)|10|desc=40% [[Damage]], 40% [[Movement Speed]]|effect bonus=Damage Increase;Movement Speed|effect bonus number=40|linked icon=Ranger tango icon 20px.png}} 
 Ranger tango icon 20px.png "Sic 'Em!".png "Sic 'Em!" (10s): 40% Damage, 40% Movement Speed