Help Ket investigate the Ruins of Demetra

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Help Ket investigate the Ruins of Demetra

Ruins of Holy Demetra
(Harathi Hinterlands)
Renown NPC
Explorer Ket
Ket is pleased with you.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Seraph Soldier Georgina
2,232 Experience.png
352 Karma.png
1 Silver coin 76 Copper coin

Interactive map

Recover relics from the ruined village for Ket, drive off the grave robbers, and put angry spirits to rest.

— Heart objective

Contributing actions[edit]

Contributing events[edit]

Completion mail[edit]


Durmand Priory Explorer Ket

Kindness Noticed

It's nice to know that there are still people willing to help complete strangers. Because of your invaluable aid, I can continue my research into the tomb of Saul D'Alessio. I'm positive that what I find in there will make Tyria a better place.

—Durmand Priory Explorer Ket

1 Silver coin 80 Copper coin