Fawcett's Ghostly Crew (NPC)

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Fawcett's Ghostly Crew are ghosts of pirates that haunt Fawcett's Bounty in Arca Lake.



Combat abilities[edit]

Asura variant[edit]

  • Throws Daggers
on land
  • Dagger Fan- ghost launches a spread of three daggers in foe's direction
  • Dagger Storm- ghost launches a whirlwind of daggers in all directions
  • Thrown Dagger- ghost wings a dagger at its enemy
  • Fan of Spears- ghost launches a spread of several spears in foe's direction
  • Spear Storm- ghost launches a whirlwind of spears in all directions
  • Spinning Slash- ghost swims at its target whirling its spear. Only used in melee range.
  • Throw Spear- ghost wings a spear at its enemy
Stolen skills

Charr variant[edit]

  • Immobilizes
on land
  • Shoot- ghost fires its rifle
  • Blunderbuss- Ghost fires an explosive charge, inflicting bleeding on a narrow area
  • Net Shot- ghost fires a net from its rifle Immobilizing its target
  • Harpoon Shot- ghost fires a bolt from its harpoon gun
  • Net Wall- ghost fires a net from its rifle Immobilizing its target
  • Spread Shot- ghost fires a fan of bolts from its harpoon gun
Stolen skills

Human variant[edit]

  • Fast Attacks
on land
  • Grapeshot- ghost fires a load of buckshot from its pistol
  • Slash- a simple sword slash
  • Pistol Whip- ghost swats its target in the face with its pistol, followed by a quick series of sword slashes
  • Throw Spear- ghost hurls a spear at its foe
  • Frenzy- ghost repeatedly stabs its foe (x8)
  • Retreat- ghost launches itself away from its enemy. If it reaches the surface, it will equip its pistol and follow up with Grapeshot before swimming back
  • Stab- a simple spear thrust
Stolen skills

Norn variant[edit]

  • Frenzies
on land
  • Mace Bash- a swing of the mace
  • Mace Smash- another swing
  • Pulverize- and one more for good measure
  • Throw Booze- ghost tosses a bottle of flaming booze at its target. Only used at a distance.
  • Throw Bomb- ghost chucks a bomb at its foe, damaging an area. Only used at a distance
  • Stab- a stab with the spear
  • Thrust- another stab
  • Chop- and a slice
  • Mariner's Frenzy- 8 quick thrusts of the spear
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Loot Sack.png Bag of Booty Container Basic 1
Broken Lockpick.png Broken Lockpick Trophy Junk 1-2
Jagged Metal Scrap.png Jagged Metal Scrap Trophy, Salvage item Basic 1