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Spirit of the Tiger (achievement)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement. For the crafting component, see Spirit of the Tiger.

Spirit of the Tiger is an Explorer achievement that requires the player to find eleven tiger dens throughout Tyria.


This achievement rewards items. Spirit of the Tiger Explorer 11Achievement points
Find the lost tiger dens throughout Tyria.
Reward: Mini Tiger Spirit.pngMini Tiger Spirit

Found 1 tiger den 1Achievement points
Found 2 tiger dens 1Achievement points
Found 3 tiger dens 1Achievement points
Found 4 tiger dens 1Achievement points


Location Hint Notes Closest waypoint Zone Area Map
SCAR Lane The tiger den is hidden in the shadow between two green vine roots east from the vista at the top of Cascade Descent.

To reach the vista, walk east from the waypoint to the staging area of the scrap metal event. From there, climb the terrain until you reach a stairway of mushrooms. Make your way up until you reach a ledge where a flock of Tropical Birds rests. Turn to the west and glide down to the ledge below. Continue your way to another set of climbable mushrooms and ascend these. Once you are on the top, you will see the waterfall where the vista and the diving goggles are located. Glide to this position.

Alternatively, complete the Drone Race adventure (do not reset or you'll return to the start), and then glide off the ledge near the finish line following the east wall to to a ledge, then the waterfall.

From the vista, the den is to the east and a bit to the south, between two large vine roots sticking from the rocky wall where the mordrem wall forms a corner with the rocky wall.

SCAR Camp Waypoint
Tangled Depths SCAR Lane Tiger Den SCAR Lane Location.jpg
Dreamdark Enclave After completing both the Morgan's Leap and Dark Reverie jumping puzzles, facing north while standing near the Magnificent Chest, drop down to the ledge below and you will see the tiger's den.

Alternatively, using a skyscale or springer, the den can be reached from the north without going through the jumping puzzles, by getting onto a branch just outside of the Mounts Disabled zone and then walking to the ledge.

Spiral Waypoint
Caledon Forest Dreamdark Enclave Tiger Den Dreamdark Enclave Location.jpg
Southsun Strait Complete the Skipping Stones jumping puzzle. At the end of the puzzle, on northern part of the island, you will find the den in a corner near the rocks, which is marked by a palm tree growing close by.

Alternate route: From the very northern tip of the island that has the Champion Reef Rider, you are able to use your Springer Mount to jump onto the cliff. Once there, run right (Southwest) along the edge until you come to the first palm tree. You should be able to see the den to the left (South) of the tree in a small cave.

Lion Point Waypoint
Southsun Cove Southsun Strait Tiger Den Southsun Strait Location.jpg
Orvanic Shore From the waypoint, make your way to the Veteran Hylek Chief hero point challenge in the Uzanarin Depths and continue down the path that leads from there. Once you exit the first cave, head to the waterfall area and pass over the stone way to the next cave. Once you reach the end of the second cave, instead dropping to the ledge where the vista is, drop north to a small ledge. The den is on that ledge, directly to the west of the Tower of Modius point of interest in the minimap, in a small corner formed by the rock walls. Alternatively you can use the springer due west of the Tower of Modius and jump directly up to the ledge where the den is. Ocean's Gullet Waypoint
Sparkfly Fen Orvanic Shore Tiger Den Orvanic Shore Location.jpg
Demon's Maw Walk to the Twoheaded Meadows point of interest. Turn to the ettin pen on the right and climb up the rock formation behind it. The den is just behind another rock. Demon's Maw Waypoint
Lornar's Pass Demon's Maw Tiger Den Demon's Maw Location.jpg
The Breached Wall Before jumping down to the chest at the end of the Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle, jump north to the tree on top of a higher cliff. Breached Wall Waypoint
Diessa Plateau The Breached Wall Tiger Den The Breached Wall Location.jpg
Tanglerot Hills The den is on a ledge on the west side of Tanglerot Hills. Climb up the roots to reach the ledge. Fangfury Watch Waypoint
Fields of Ruin Tanglerot Hills Tiger Den Tanglerot Hills Location.jpg
Loreclaw Expanse From the waypoint, head to the beginning of the jumping puzzle. Make your way through the first set of spike traps and move onto the plank leading north. Follow it to reach an outside platform. The tiger den is here.

It can also be reached by heading east from the waypoint and using your Springer to jump up the cliff.

Loreclaw Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Loreclaw Expanse Tiger Den Loreclaw Expanse Location.jpg
Skyclaw Peaks With Advanced Gliding, it can be reached from the Wreck of the Mellaggan's Valor. Head to the updraft northeast of it. Once up in the air, backtrack to the large airship wreckage next to the waypoint and use the updraft of the airship engine to gain altitude. Turn northeast again and glide straight to the skyclaw peaks.

Without Advanced Gliding, it is possible to reach it by jumping off the Last Leap platform in the Canopy over Jaka Itzel, which can be reached without advanced gliding by using a helicopter during the night events. A few short glides, leaving some gliding endurance to stop the fall, will be enough to reach the ledge under Glory's Fall.

Once on the ledge under Glory's Fall, the den will be in a small cave behind a broken pact ship wing.

Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint
Verdant Brink Skyclaw Peaks Tiger Den Skyclaw Peaks Location.jpg
Rata Novus Lane Head to the Beetle Feast adventure. Once there, make your way to the Mushroom Spore Cloud. Avoid getting killed by the royal mushroom couple and slip through the bone wall on the left side of it. Continue your way down the passage until you reach the den. Incidentally, if you continue onwards from the den, you might as well claim the mastery insight if you still need it.

Alternatively, it is possible to skip the Beetle Feast adventure altogether and simply glide to the canyon with the mastery point from the top of Teku Nuhoch. Players with advanced gliding technique can glide the entire way in one flight.

Teku Nuhoch Waypoint
Tangled Depths Rata Novus Lane Tiger Den Rata Novus Lane Location.jpg
Broken Altar You will find the den off the northern road leading to the Broken Altar cave filled with poison haze.

To get there, either follow the north wall from Pact Base Camp, or walk up the northeast slope from the the Northern Forward Camp.

There will be two large plants by the rock wall there. The den is behind the larger plant with palm tree leaves.

Northern Forward Camp Waypoint
Dragon's Stand Broken Altar Tiger Den Broken Altar Location.jpg