Assist Bloodsaw Mill workers

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Assist Bloodsaw Mill workers

Sanctum Way
(Diessa Plateau)
Renown NPC
Mara Ripsaw
You helped the Bloodsaw Mill workers
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Skulh Doomprowler
1,072 Experience.png
255 Karma.png
1 Silver coin 28 Copper coin

Interactive map

Use mill explosives to clear tree stumps and wasp nests. Cut down Bloodsaw Mill tree saplings, and dispose of the wood at a fire pit.

— Heart objective

Assist Bloodsaw Mill workers is a renown heart in Sanctum Way east of Bulliyak Arsenal. Mara Ripsaw is there to give orders if necessary, and will trade goods with those who assist her. Players can find Explosive Kits in the area and use the bundle skills to clear various objectives in the area.


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Clear tree stumps - Drop explosives near tree stumps; the explosion will destroy it. — 5% heart progress
  • Clear wasp nests - Throw explosives into trees; the explosion will destroy it. — 5% heart progress
  • Cut down Bloodsaw Mill Tree Saplings - Cut down Bloodsaw Mill tree saplings to receive a pile of wood. — 5% heart progress
    • and dispose of the wood at a fire pit. Fire pits are scattered around the mill area and will accept any bundles of wood being carried. — 10% heart progress
  • Motivate lazy workers - Speak to any lounging workers nearby and get them back on task. — 5% heart progress


  • Upon completing the Renown Heart, all saplings related to the heart simultaneously fall over and remain unavailable for interaction. They become small obstacles sticking out of the ground.

Completion mail[edit]


Mara Ripsaw

Excellent Work

Your invaluable contribution toward the mill's upkeep have made it possible for us to be up and running again.

Thank you again for helping out.

—Mara Ripsaw

Silver coin 28 Copper coin