Assist the Quarry Workers

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Assist the Quarry Workers

Bloodcliff Quarry
(Diessa Plateau)
Renown NPC
Wagh Nearshot
You helped Wagh Nearshot.
Scout (map icon).png Scout 
Nobal Buryblade
742 Experience.png
202 Karma.png
1 Silver coin 1 Copper coin

Interactive map

Repair drilling machines, detonate rock piles, slay dredges, and collapse dredge holes.

— Heart objective

Contributing actions[edit]

  • Collapse dredge holes with boulders — 5% heart progress
  • Detonate rock piles — 10% heart progress
  • Repair drilling machines — 5% heart progress
  • Revive Miners — 5% heart progress
  • Slay dredge — 5% heart progress
  • Talk to Lazy Miners — 10% heart progress
  • Whack dredge with a Mole Whacker — 4% heart progress
  • Destroy Personnel Carriers

Contributing events[edit]

The Dredge Assault
Event swords (tango icon).png Drive the dredge from Bloodcliff Quarry (17) — 10% per Dredge Tunnel
Event shield (tango icon).png Stop the dredge from stealing equipment and returning it to their personnel transports (17)



Wagh Nearshot

Rock Solid Work, <Character name>

It's talent like yours that makes my job a joy. While my quarry workers constantly complain, you were unflagging in your efforts. That's all a quarry operator could ask for.

Thank you.

—Wagh Nearshot

1 Silver coin 1 Copper coin