Flying Dolyak: Reach the finish line!

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Flying Dolyak: Reach the finish line!

Event maps
Flying Dolyak.jpg
Flying Dolyak map.jpg

Flying Dolyak: Reach the finish line! is a race event that occurs around the Bazaar Docks.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 5:00



To participate you have to talk to Trader Marcus to transform into a dolyak calf when the event starts and, using the aspect skills, make your way up the Bazaar to the finish line just before the Sky Docks Waypoint.

  1. You will be transform into a dolyak calf at the start of the event. Do NOT use the Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic, before the race as that will actually prevent players from registering at the first checkpoint.
    • To get credit for this event, you need to complete the obstacle course and pass all the checkpoints as a dolyak calf.
    • When the event begins Trader Marcus can be found on one of the lowest levels of the Bazaar right next to the ship. Talk to him to transform into the calf.
    • All of your skills will be gone, and you will not be able to glide or mount up.
    • As a dolyak calf you cannot waypoint but you can, and will have to, use the aspect skills to move around.
  2. Acquire the Light Dash skill by walking over the nearby Sun Crystal and use it to pass through the waterfalls and begin climbing the Bazaar.
    • Try to angle your character straight along the bamboo platforms when using Light Dash, if you angle too much to the side you could fall off.
  3. Once you have passed the waterfalls and are off the first few bamboo walkways, work your way through the cave and up towards the Wind Adept.
    • Try to dodge or move around the traps and avoid them. Because they do no damage and only slow you down, you can walk through them without failing the run.
      • The smaller red circles are spike traps and will cripple you but do no damage.
      • The larger red circles are falling rocks and will knock you down but do no damage.
  4. Grab the Wind Crystal near the Wind Adept and use Assisted Leap to jump onto the next platforms and climb higher up the Bazaar. Once you've jumped to the platform with the walkway, avoid traps and make your way to the Lightning Adept.
    • Be careful when making jumps using Assisted Leap when you are crippled. Cripple reduces the distance you can travel and will almost certainly cause your jump to fail.
  5. Grab the Lightning Crystal near the Lightning Adept to obtain the skill Lightning Pull.
    • Once you've climbed all the platforms using Lightning Pull simply walk towards the finish line.
  6. Wait till the end for your reward.
    • The event reward is only given to players who reach the finish line (while transformed as a dolyak calf) at least once, and who are still on the map when the event timer runs out. Stay on the map until the end of the event to receive your reward.




  • Successfully completing the race within x minutes awards the Ace Racer.png Ace Racer effect, increasing Magic Find by 25% for 15 minutes while in Labyrinthine Cliffs.
  • It is possible to finish the race twice in the time limit on a mount, getting credit towards ? for both completions.
  • During Festival of the Four Winds 2014, there was a similar event.

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