Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection

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Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection

Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection map.jpg

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Prove your mount mastery by gathering crystals in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

— Adventure objective

Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection is a seasonal adventure during the Bazaar of the Four Winds in Labyrinthine Cliffs where you need to collect crystals distributed in awkward places. Speak to Lumen to begin the adventure.


Utilize the crystal skills, your glider and mounts to get all 6 crystals. Using waypoints disqualifies you from participation.

If you have the Springer, Griffon, and updraft gliding mastery, you can follow the path shown in the image above to quickly complete this adventure. Before you start, grab a wind crystal. Begin by catching the updraft just south of the start. Mount your griffon at the top of the updraft and fly to Crystal 1. From there, fly around the wall to Crystal 2. Fly down and to the south to reach Crystal 3, and then east to Crystal 4. Use a griffon dive to gain speed, and fly southwest to Crystal 5, then north-northeast toward Crystal 6. Pull up from the dive to reach crystal 6. If you hit the ground or water while retrieving Crystal 5, you can follow the same path on your Skimmer, and use your Springer to reach Crystal 6. Once you have the last crystal, use the wind crystal jump to get onto the next shelf up, and go behind the bush. Use another wind crystal jump and begin gliding to the southeast, into the updraft. Mount your Griffon at the top of the updraft, and fly around the cliff in front of you, and onto the platform to your left. Switch to Springer, and jump to the platform above. From that platform, you should be able to fly your Griffon straight to the finish.

  • Do not use the waypoints. Using one will disqualify you.
  • If you do not have a certain mount, you can speak to Mount Trainer to rent the mount next to the trainer (Tasa to rent the griffon).


Aerial Finesse.png Aerial Finesse (Griffon Level 3) — Being able to reach the crystal in the far southeast corner and return to the docks will be much quicker.
High Vault.png High Vault (Springer Level 3) — The higher Springer jump will help you navigate quickly through the Bazaar
Updraft Use.png Updraft Use (Gliding Level 2) — Two of the crystals are high above the start point and can easily be reached with an updraft.


Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold 3:00 48,006
Adventure reward gold.png Crystal Collection: Gold
Silver 4:00 32,004
Adventure reward silver.png Crystal Collection: Silver
Bronze 7:00 21,336
Adventure reward bronze.png Crystal Collection: Bronze