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An Air of Mystery

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An Air of Mystery

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
What Lies Beneath
Excavation Yard
(Gyala Delve)
Howling Caves
(Gyala Delve)
The Hollow
(Gyala Delve)
Preceded by
On the Case
Followed by
Deep Trouble

An Air of Mystery is the third story step of What Lies Beneath.


Continue the investigation.
  • (Optional) Use the filter recharge station to obtain protective jade bot filters before descending into the mine.
  • Examine the strange goings-on in the mine by completing events or killing hostile forces.
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  • (Scan haze spots within Howling Caves.)
  • Scan Haze Hot Spots within the Howling Caves
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  • (Bring pieces of jade from Behemoth's Gap quarry to nearby haze hot spots and observe the results.)
  • Bring Pieces of Jade from the Behemoth's Gap Quarry to Nearby Haze Hot Spots and Observe the Results
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  • Check in with Gorrik on your findings.



Use the [Filter Recharge Station]] to obtain protective jade bot filters before descending into the mine:

At the beginning use a Filter Recharge Station and take the free option. A Station is north of Waypoint (map icon).png Park Mining Ops Waypoint Examine the strange goings-on in the mine by completing events or killing hostile forces:

The next point can be completed by simply doing the meta-event The Jade Crisis or other optional events.

Scan Haze Hot Spots within the Howling Caves:

Go to Howling Caves and interact with 8 Haze Hot Spot that are scattered all over the area.

Bring pieces of jade from Behemoth's Gap quarry to nearby haze hot spots and observe the results:

Go to Waypoint (map icon).png Behemoth's Gap Waypoint and pick up a Block of Jade that are scattered and marked on the map with a green hand. One block can be stowed and drawn with the Special action skill, making travel easier. While having a block (either stowed or drawn),go to the green marks on the map and use Drop Block of Jade on the Haze Hot Spot each -> if you dont have the skill #2, leave the Haze Hot Spot and "reenter" it. Do not use the regular drop option or it will not work.






  • Any foe from the Gyala Delve open world map and its ongoing events.



After examining strange goings on in the mine
Gorrik: Hi, Commander. Rama and I spoke with more Brotherhood, and we may have a lead: a suspicious haze propagating in the mine!
<Character name>: If this haze looks similar to the Void, there's a lot of it around here.
Gorrik: Can you scan some samples? Apparently it's making workers ill. I suspect it's correlated with this unusual behaviour.
<Character name>: I can. You're sure the lead's credible?
Detective Rama: Far as I can tell, their stories check out. Plus, playing the "law" card helped. What they don't know won't hurt them.
Gorrik: But be careful! If true, the haze is likely harmful in large quantities. I'd scan from smaller hot spots, if possible.
After scanning two Haze Hot Spots
Gorrik: Commander! (static)—Signs of labored breathing. (static)—Running into trouble—(static)—risking death—(static)
<Character name>: Everything okay? I'm getting a lot of static.
Detective Rama: (static)—Terrible. (static)—Cutting out. Our—(static)—awful down here. (static)—Call you back—(static)
<Character name>: That was...mildly concerning. Guess I'll see if they call again...
After scanning 4 more Haze Hot Spots
Gorrik: Gorrik checking in! You're avoiding large haze clouds, right? Don't need you swallowed by a haze blob, even for science!
<Character name>: Are you two all right? Your last call was—
Almorra Soulkeeper: (static) How many more will die? (static)
<Character name>: What?
Gorrik: I said we're fine. Your breathing sounds a bit fast. Don't push yourself. (static)—Cutting out again. Let's try—(static)
<Character name>: There's no way... No. Just distortion.
After scanning the remaining Haze Hot Spots
<Character name>: Loud and clear. Just scanned your last sample.
Gorrik: Much appreciated! Your readings suggest this haze is composed primarily of raw magic. Very similar to Void. However...
Gorrik: The samples contained an extra element not found in unfiltered magic. I'll run further analysis. In the meantime...
Gorrik: Let's all regroup in the lower mines. Oh, and if you see any jade on your way, could you test it for a haze reaction?
<Character name>: I'll look into it. If I have time...
Gorrik: I have a theory, but without data, it can only remain—
Almorra Soulkeeper: Poisoned.
After observing Jade reacting to the Haze Hot Spots
Gorrik: Any progresss on the jade experiments?
<Character name>: I tested a few jade blocks. Their color darkened after contact with the haze.
Gorrik: Hmm, that would suggest the secondary element imprinted itself on the base. We're on to something here!
<Character name>: That's...nice. Hey, have you heard anything or...anyone odd during our calls?
Almorra Soulkeeper: (static) You... (static) Always seeing monsters where there are none... (static)
Gorrik: I haven't noticed anything. But it's possible a Brotherhood comm is causing interference. Once you're here—
<Character name>: I—I have to go.

My story[edit]

Gyala Delve loading screen.jpg

I explored deeper into the mine, where I was forced to deal with a thick fog dubbed "the haze" choking the air. Gorrik contacted me over comms and asked me to scan a number of haze concentrations down in the Howling Caves to learn more about it—apparently it was causing miners to feel ill. Possibly worse.

After I scanned some samples and transmitted the data to Gorrik, he checked in sounding stressed, but our comms signal broke up. Later, he called back, sounding like himself again...but this time our call was riddled with interference. It sounded as if an ominous voice intruded into our conversation. Gorrik continued speaking as though he hadn't heard it, but I swear it was there. And it eerily sounded familiar.

Gorrik asked me to see how the haze clouds would react to jade. I started to think I was mistaken about the voice I'd heard, but after I completed Gorrik's experiment, I tried to ask him if he'd heard anyone else on the line. Instead of Gorrik, the ominous voice returned with a mocking reply. Or so it seemed to me—Gorrik heard none of it.

I can't explain it. I know that voice. It sounded so real. But it can't be...

My story