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The Gang War of Echovald

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The Gang War of Echovald

The Echovald Wilds
Event type
Meta event
Total events

The Gang War of Echovald is the ongoing meta event that occurs in The Echovald Wilds. It is constantly visible from the entire map, though most of the time Echovald is in a state of peace with no significant hostility between the two rival gangs of Echovald; the Speakers and the Jade Brotherhood.

Tensions mount, however, when the Speakers destroy a Brotherhood caravan carrying jade tech. The Kestrels of Mori Village arrange a council to discuss the attack and, ultimately, decide they must battle both of the gangs wherever necessary to protect the ordinary citizens of Echovald. With your help.

A series of skirmishes sweeps across the map as the two gangs battle for control of Echovald while the Kestrels try to keep the peace and protect the innocent. The Speakers, the Brotherhood, and the Kestrels all collide in a final showdown at the Xunlai Jade Junkyard, but things take an unexpected turn due to the persistent influence of Void corruption.


  • Gang Activity is quiet for now.
  • A jade caravan has been spotted near the Jade Gate.
  • An explosion rips through Echovald!
  • The Kestrels are gathering in Mori Village for a council meeting.
    Council meeting in Mori Village begins in: 1:00
  • The leaders of all the Echovald factions are gathering to discuss the growing corruption in Echovald.

Gang war[edit]



Prototype XJ-1 about to perform its death clap. The safe area is clearly visible in the bottom left corner of the image.

The meta status will change from its ordinarily "quiet for now" state every two hours in response to a Speaker attack on a Brotherhood caravan. Kestrel Ayumi announces the start of the meta with a voice line: "The Echovald gangs are at war with each other! Anyone who can help, please meet me at Mori Village".

A series of events will take place at numerous villages and outposts on the map. These events must all be completed within 20 minutes in order to prevent any one gang from gaining the upper-hand.

The first event occurs in Kropa Village, followed by another two events prior to the overall meta status changing to "The villages of Teleri, Karstadt, and Goa are under attack by gang forces!". At this stage, three events occur simultaneously.

Once the outposts have been protected, the remaining events all take place at the Xunlai Jade Junkyard, culminating with the awakening of the meta boss, Prototype XJ-1. The boss must be killed within 15 minutes.

If you have the Jade Tech Waypoint unlocked it is a good idea to set it at the junkyard at your earliest convenience. This makes it easy to collapse back to the junkyard once events all converge there, as well as allow you to quickly recover if you are killed during the boss fight.

The Prototype XJ-1 fight is relatively simple and mostly involves avoiding ground AoE. However, there is one significant attack that you must watch out for, as it will one-hit kill anyone it catches. This attack cannot be blocked or evaded. It has a very large radius and will kill you almost anywhere in the junkyard (which can be very frustrating when trying to return to the fight). The attack is not used until Prototype XJ-1 has reached 60% health, after which it is used frequently.

Avoiding the clap[edit]

The one-hit attack has a long and clear warning animation, once you know what to look for. First, Prototype XJ-1 will smash the ground with its right hand. Next, it will smash the ground with its left hand. Finally, it will smash its hands together. This final hand clap is the one that kills.

Each of the one-handed ground smashes leaves a pile of junk that provides safe cover. Hide behind these junk piles during the final clap in order to survive. The safe spots will be indicated with a bright white circle and floating red arrow, and there will always be two available. You do not need to wait for the white circles to appear; the safe locations will always be behind the junk piles created by the one-handed ground smashes that immediately precede the death clap.

Kestrel Ayumi will helpfully shout for you to "Get behind something!" just before the attack. By the time you hear this voice line, however, it may be too late to seek cover if you have not already positioned yourself near one of the two junk piles.

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC

Related achievements[edit]


After the explosion
Kestrel Ayumi: The Echovald gangs are at war with each other! Anyone who can help, please meet me at Mori Village.
During council meeting
Kestrel Ariana: The Brotherhood are mobilizing to retaliate for the caravan attack.
Kestrel Stas: Speakers're expecting that. Planning to hit 'em right back.
Kestrel Ariana: So what's our move?
Kestrel Zuru: Do as we always do: spread out and keep bystanders safe.
Kestrel Ayumi: No. We need to do more. This is our chance to push the gangs out of Echovald.
Kestrel Zuru: We haven't the resources.
Kestrel Stas: Zuru's right. Be suicide to get in the middle of a gang war.
Kestrel Ayumi: We won't be in the middle—we'll be manipulating it from the sides!
Kestrel Zuru: Ayumi, we are protectors, not police. Echovald has no authorities because Echovald wants no authorities.
Kestrel Zuru: But I don't expect a city tengu to understand that.
Kestrel Ayumi: How can we claim we're protecting the people when the gangs terroize them daily?
Kestrel Ayumi: Echovald is free territory, but when freedom comes at the expense of everyone else's welfare, someone has to push back.
Kestrel Ariana: I'm with Ayumi.
Kestrel Stas: Me too.
Kestrel Zuru: This is a terrible idea, but as I seem to be the only one who knows that -- fine.
When Kropa Village is under attack
Kestrel Yarrow: The Brotherhood made their first move!
Kestrel Yarrow: They're marching towards Kropa—a Kurzick outpost in Speaker territory.
When Altrumm Mines are under attack
Kestrel Stas: Found where the Speakers are building their bombs. Out by the Altrumm Mines.
When Cylow Outpost is under attack
Kestrel Ayumi: A flood of refugees just arrived at Mori... The Jade Brotherhood took their village.
Kestrel Ayumi: Oriel, it's being patrolled by some of those extra-tough mechs. Are the turtles ready?
Kestrel Oriel: You bet they are!
When Teleri Village is under attack
Kestrel Zuru: The Speakers have taken Teleri Village and are enslaving the spirits of the local dead!
Kestrel Zuru: We cannot allow this blasphemy to continue. Imagine terrorizing people with their own ancestors.
When Karstadt Village is under attack
Kestrel Ayumi: Jade Brotherhood are swarming Karstadt Village! Soon as we got a lock on them, they blinked out of sight!
Kestrel Ayumi: Lorro's headed that way with a device that'll help us ferret them out! She needs backup!
When Goa Village is under attack
Kestrel Ariana: Speakers are filling a Brotherhood controlled outpost with bombs: Goa Village. Seem to be preparing another trap.
Kestrel Ayumi: They must be making a play to take control of the junkyard...
Kestrel Ayumi: And the villagers are gonna get caught in the cross fire.
After all outposts defended
Kestrel Ayumi: The gangs are withdrawing from all the outposts!
Kestrel Ariana: Wasn't such a "featherbrained" idea, was it, Zuru?
Kestrel Zuru: I still maintain this outcome was improbable... But it seems we have beaten the odds.
Kestrel Ayumi: What are the doing now?
Kestrel Zuru: I don't know, I—
Kestrel Stas: They're headed to the junkyard.
Kestrel Zuru: Who?
Kestrel Stas: All of them. Speakers and Brotherhood both. Sending every body they got left.
Kestrel Ayumi: Then we need to follow. Let's move!
Failing to defend the outposts
Kestrel Ariana: The gangs are gaining ground faster than we can keep up with. It's out of control.
Kestrel Ariana: Sooner or later one of them's going to take the junkyard, and then it's over.
Kestrel Ayumi: There must be some way we can divide our resources...
Kestrel Zuru: It's no good, Ayumi! We've lost too many people, and the gangs still control too much territory.
Kestrel Ayumi: We can't give up this opportunity—
Kestrel Zuru: We can and we must. You haven't been here long enough to appreciate why things are the way they are.
Kestrel Stas: Zuru's right. Damage control's our only option.
Kestrel Ariana: Afraid I agree, Ayumi.
Kestrel Ayumi: Fine. Everyone, retreat. We just let this bloody conflict play out then.