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Deep Trouble (story)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the End of Dragons story step. For the guild mission, see Deep Trouble.

Deep Trouble

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
What Lies Beneath
Jade Pools
(Gyala Delve)
The Deep
(Gyala Delve)
Preceded by
An Air of Mystery
Followed by
Sleuthing a Solution

Deep Trouble loading screen.jpg

Deep Trouble: The Deep

Deep Trouble loading screen Excavation Yard.jpg

Deep Trouble: Excavation Yard

Deep Trouble is the fourth story step of What Lies Beneath.


  • Rendezvous with your friends at Luxon Terminus.
  • Descend deeper into the mines.
  • Speak with Yao about finding a way through.
  • Use Finn's inspection drone to scan for weak points on the wall.
  • Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Move out of the blast radius.
  • Delve farther into the mine.
  • Defend yourself from the swarm of demons!
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Press farther in.
  • Fend off the second demon ambush.
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Investigate the strange source of light beyond.
  • Inspect the ley-line energy coursing through the nearby jade.
  • Follow Gorrik as he theorizes.
  • Defeat the ravenous wanderer feeding on the ley line.
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the demonic apparitions threatening your Order mentor!
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the ravenous wanderer feeding on the ley line.
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the demonic apparitions threatening Eir!
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the ravenous wanderer feeding on the ley line.
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the demonic apparitions threatening Almorra!
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the ravenous wanderer feeding on the ley line.
  • Event bar green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
Investigate the depths of the mine.
  • Find your bearings.
  • Discuss next steps with your friends.
  • Complete!




Deep Trouble Delve into the Haze 1Achievement points
Descend deeper into the mines.Journal: Deep Trouble Completed Deep Trouble 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Wanderer Weaving Delve into the Haze 1Achievement points
Defeat the ravenous wanderer without being hit by haze projectiles too many times. Hit by 1 Haze Projectile 1Achievement points
Whiffing Wanderer Delve into the Haze 1Achievement points
Defeat the ravenous wanderer without being hit by area attacks too many times. Hit by 1 Area Attack 1Achievement points



Jade Mechs


Jade Mechs



Approaching your allies
Gorrik: You made it! Further research awaits, Commander. Shall we?
Gorrik: Still so many questions... We already neutralized the Void. Aurene confirmed it. Yet there's obvious disequilibrium here.
Yao: I'll try to get more out of Chul-Moo about this haze once we're done.
Detective Rama: Would he even know anything? You said yourself he's been hiding at camp while his crew goes berserk.
Yao: Look, he really screwed up, but he's not what you think.
Detective Rama: A criminal? A coward? Well, so far, he's proving both.
Arriving before a wall
Yao: The way ahead's blocked. C'mon, Finn, let's check it out. I need some air anyway.
Detective Rama: You're not getting it down here, that's for sure.
Speaking with Yao
Yao: Looks pretty solid, but I bet we can find some spots to break through. Finn, switch to inspect mode, please.
Finn: But of course. Now activating "inspect."
Yao: Commander, you know your way around a mech drone. Care to do the honors?
Interacting with the Inspection Drone
Inspection Drone: Finn's auxiliary bot has been outfitted with tech that allows the user to take remote control of it.
Talk quest option tango.png Select the scanning function on the jade bot's interface and take control.
Talk end option tango.png Leave the jade bot alone.
Scanning the Basalt Vein
Remote Drone: The data returned by the scan has identified the subject as, "solid basalt bedrock of an undeterminable thickness."
Talk end option tango.png That doesn't seem like the best choice. I'll try scanning another location.
Scanning the Small Fault Line
Remote Drone: The data returned by the scan has identified the subject as, "slightly cracked quartz rock with mirror miasmic traces."
Talk quest option tango.png Seems promising. Let's place a charge here.
Scanning the Pelagic Ooze Deposit
Remote Drone: The data returned by the scan has identified the subject as, "several deposits of pelagic ooze in pockets within bedrock. Composite data: diatomic silica, sediment."
Talk quest option tango.png Seems easier to burst through than bedrock. Place a charge, little guy!
Scanning the Fissure Vent
Remote Drone: The data returned by the scan has identified the subject as, "a noticeable miasmic fissure vent between two formations of rocks."
Talk quest option tango.png Sound like we might able to get through here. Let's place a charge.
Placing the first charge
<Character name>: Your mech seems more agreeable now.
Yao: A little turn-up, and Finn's back to his old self after deprogramming some...learned behaviors...
Yao: Look, Chul-Moo 's not the most easiest guy to vouch for. But you've seen him at his best. Dragon's End? That's the real him.
Yao: He gave me a chance when the world acted like I was invisible. Before Joon, the Brotherhood was my only home.
Yao: Right now, he's losing control. And he knows it. I'm worried he can't get it back. But if I can help, I will. I want to.
Placing four charges
Finn: Objective: complete. Was this result to your satisfaction?
Yao: You did fantastic, Finn. Thank you.
Finn: (happy mech sound)
Blasting the wall
Yao: All right, people! Let's move!
Gorrik: Umm... just so you're aware, haze levels are likely to rise the farther we go. If you feel faint at any point—
<Character name>: You'll be the first to know. Shall we?
Encountering the first ambush
Yao: Demon! Ambush! Ahead— hit them!
Detective Rama: No wonder our signal is shoddy...
Gorrik: Say... Commander... You mentioned something over the comms... A voice?
<Character name>: Yeah... You were right. Just interference.
Gorrik: Ah. Although...your lack of eye contact is a tad concerning...
Detective Rama: Hmm, nice catch.
Encountering the second ambush
Yao: Demons. Does Chul-Moo know? He didn't mention...
Detective Rama: More reason to be careful who you place faith in.
Yao: Look, just because your mentor
Detective Rama: Finish that sentence. I dare you.
Defeating the second ambush
Yao: Didn't realized the Brotherhood mined this deep...
<Character name>: (gasp)
Detective Rama: Commander, you all right?
<Character name>: Feels like I got the wind knocked out of me.
Entering the central chamber
Gorrik: that...
Detective Rama: What is it?
<Character name>: A ley line.
Gorrik: A unparalleled source of raw magic! Pure energy! This must be why the proximate jade is so powerful!
Gorrik: It could be monumental in solving Cantha's energy predicament!
Inspecting the Ley-Line Infused Jade
Ley-Line Infused Jade: The jade down here is all but glowing from the substantial energy levels coursing through out it.
Talk quest option tango.png Huh, interesting find!
Following Gorrik as he theorizes
Gorrik: Hmmmm...
Gorrik: Interesting...
Gorrik: And what's this?
Gorrik: Huh, fascinating...
Gorrik: I need a closer look.
Yao: Finn, can you get us across?
Finn: Activating: gap-traversal device.
Landing on the central platform
Yao: Is this what's messing with the Brotherhood? Working near a power source this strong?
Gorrik: Unlikely. Simple exposure to ley-line energy generally isn't enough to affect one's well-being.
Gorrik: Though something is unusual here. I've never seen a ley-line produce any kind of miasmic byproduct.
The Ravenous Wanderer appearing
Detective Rama: Oni!
One of the following:
Detective Rama: Careful!
Detective Rama: Look out!
One of the following:
<Character name>: There's more than one?
<Character name>: Whoa, there's more than one?
Gorrik: It must be deceiving our senses! Blurring reality. We have to stay focused!
Gorrik: Everyone, take a platform and divert its attention. Commander, I could us your help here!
Yao: Rama, come with me. I'll give you a lift.
Defeat the Demonic Apparitions
If Durmand Priory:
Magister Sieran: In my short life... there was so much left I wanted to see...
If Order of Whispers:
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: You should be a little kinder to lost, broken things.
If Vigil:
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: You were special... one of the bravest warmasters in my order...
Warmaster Forgal Kernsson: Now that's changed, my friend.
If didn't join an order:
Trahearne: Our real enemy lurks...forever within...
Ravenous Wanderer reappearing
Gorrik: Can you hear me? Yao wants you over on their platform. They need back up!
One of the following:
<Character name>: I know what you're trying to do. It won't work.
<Character name>: I know what you're doing. Using my mentor against me. You're pathetic.
Gorrik: Commander? We'll talk later, I promise. Yao needs you now, okay?
<Character name>: Huh? Yao? Yes. Right.
On the second platform
Yao: Help! I can't keep this up for much longer!
<Character name>: Sorry, Yao. Got out of sorts for a moment...
Eir Stegalkin: It's good to see you here.
<Character name>: Stop!
Yao: Commander? You all right? Hang in there with me.
Defeat the Demonic Apparitions (2)
Eir Stegalkin: These people love you... You don't care...
<Character name>: You know that's not true...
Ravenous Wanderer reappearing
Gorrik: Commander!
<Character name>: I never wanted to hurt them. Eir...
Yao: Finn, shield Rama! Quick!
Finn: Defense engaged, The "Rama" has been shielded.
One of the following:
Yao: Quick, get in the bubble!
Detective Rama: Quick, get in the shield!
Detective Rama: Uh, thank you. Commander, "the Rama" could really use you over here!
On the third platform
<Character name>: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Detective Rama: Less apologizing, more helping!
<Character name>: Do you see them, too?
Detective Rama: Yeah. We're fighting them. What are you talking about?
Almorra Soulkeeper: I'm just passing through...
<Character name>: NO!
Defeat the Demonic Apparitions (3)
Almorra Soulkeeper: We need to talk.
Almorra Soulkeeper: So many lives lost...
<Character name>: There was no other way.
Almorra Soulkeeper: I was nothing to you.
If charr:
Almorra Soulkeeper: You'll be the end of the charr.
<Character name>: That's not fair! I did everything I could. Almorra!
Upon defeating the Ravenous Wanderer (Cutscene)
Yao: I think we did it.
Gorrik: It's regenerating! It must be healing itself with the ley line!
Detective Rama: Let's get out of here! Now! Commander? He/she's blacking out! We need to get him/her and go!
Almorra Soulkeeper: You haven't changed a bit.
Almorra Soulkeeper: Killing and corrupting...
Eir Stegalkin: It's what you were born to do.
After waking up back at the encampment
Detective Rama: Hey, you're up! Do you...know who we are?
Gorrik: Look at me closely, Commander. Concentrate. Who am I? Take your time. You were extremely discombob—
<Character name>: I'm fine, I'm fine.
Gorrik: I'm fine...?
<Character name>: I'm fine, GORRIK.
Gorrik: Thank the Alchemy!
Yao: You had us worried. You were talking to us like we were...well, not us.
Gorrik: Like old friends.
<Character name>: Yes. That was messing with my head. Made me think you were someone else.
Gorrik: Yes. I should've known as soon as it introduced those clones! It appears to be able to alter its victim's reality.
Taimi: I've been trying to reach you since Yao dropped everything and ran into that...hole. Joon is... She's...
Yao: Furious, I know. But we're making important discoveries down in this "hole." And if I have to upset Joon to save—
Gorrik: Joon will NOT be upset when she hears what we've found: a ley line. That's what's been supercharging the jade.
Taimi: That's... That's fantastic! A potentially free-flowing jade-based energy source, it's... it's too good to be—
Gorrik: There's an unkillable, mind-altering demon gorging on it.
Taimi: Oh.
Gorrik: Don't worry. We'll eliminate it. Or at least, lure it away from the ley line.
Detective Rama: And what's your plan of attack this time, General Gorrik?
Gorrik: I'm afraid it's going to be unpleasant. Especially for the commander. I wish there was another way.
Gorrik: But that demon seemed particularly attracted to you. Fighting it will require neuro-parasitological investigation.
<Character name>: If that's what it takes.
Taimi: Sorry, Commander. Yao's right, it IS important work. I'll fill Joon in. Keep us posted if you can. And good luck.
Speaking to Gorrik
Commander, you really should stop losing consciousness. It can't be good for your health.
Talk more option tango.png Sorry, I was going on about...old friends back there.
Gorrik: No apology necessary. That creature tried to latch on to a powerful memory, to see what emotions it could provoke.
Gorrik: Although it seemed to me that first memory wasn't enough—that you'd dealt with those, ah, metaphorical demons before.
Talk more option tango.png I also saw Eir and Almorra.
Gorrik: Yes. The demon seemed to latch on to increasingly raw and more recent memories, feeding on your response.
Gorrik: And I'm afraid we're going to have to use that to our advantage if we're ever going to completely defeat it.
Talk more option tango.png Why does it all feel so raw all of a sudden?
Gorrik: Maybe you haven't completely dealt with all your feelings. Or perhaps the haze somehow lowers our ability to cope?
Gorrik: Or it enhances our sensitivity to emotions? Unfortunately, we're going to have to experiment to find out...
Talk more option tango.png How are you feeling about taking charge?
Gorrik: I thought I was ready. But as Rama has helped me understand, it's harder than it appears.
Gorrik: I have a new appreciation for you, to be sure.
Talk more option tango.png Seems like you're already picking up quite a bit from Rama.
Gorrik: I'm starting to wonder whether his high degree of intuition can be taught.
Gorrik: But I'm doing my best to take his advice and watch how he works.
Talk end option tango.png Talk to you later, Gorrik.
Speaking to Rama
Bit of a rough one back there, eh? At least you're up and moving.
Talk more option tango.png Sorry. Thought you were Almorra...
Detective Rama: So I hear. Sounds like she was a hell of a soldier. And a good friend.
Talk more option tango.png So, Yao really came through for you back there...
Detective Rama: Yao's MECH came through—
Gorrik: Technically, Yao built the mech. So...
Yao: Finn IS pretty great.
Detective Rama: Okay, okay... Lot of folks say they want to help but only show up when it serves them. But Yao's good people. And Finn.
Talk more option tango.png How's Gorrik doing as a leader?
Detective Rama: Got off to a shaky start. But took charge when the chips were down. Made good decisions. Hey, he's learnin' from the best!
Talk more option tango.png Any thoughts about Chul-Moo?
Detective Rama: Much as I've learned to trust Yao's judgment, not sure I'll ever come around on this. But Yao has their reasons, I get it.
Detective Rama: Yao, Chul-Moo, Joon... They're like a dysfunctional little family. Not sure if Yao's the kid or...
Yao: The marriage councelor.
Talk more option tango.png Heard you said something about wanting to see Captain Min?
Detective Rama: Maybe. But you start asking me about my love life, and I'm gonna return the favor. Don't think you're ready for that, pal.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks, Rama. I need to go.
Speaking to Yao
Wow, that was... Well, hey, at least we all made it out okay.
Talk more option tango.png Sorry I was so...disoriented when you needed me.
Yao: It's okay. Gorrik told me about Eir, how much she meant to you and to your whole crew.
Yao: Her bravery in the fight against Mordremoth. The way she was betrayed... I'm sorry.
Talk more option tango.png Are you worried Joon will think you're betraying her?
Yao: Joon's not...a charitable person. But deep down, I think she knows I'm loyal. Though...maybe that's part of the problem.
Yao: I would never betray Joon's trust. But just because I stopped working for Chul-Moo doesn't mean I cut off all ties.
Yao: Like Joon, he can be tough. And it's no stretch to say he hasn't been at his best down here.
Yao: But he didn't get where he is by being incompetent. And he truly cares about his people.
Yao: Anyway, if Joon knows me as well as I think she does, she'll get it. She might not like it...but she'll understand.
Talk more option tango.png Who are you here to help? Joon or Chul-Moo?
Yao: Cantha. This discovery could do so much for so many people. And if I can help some old friends along the way, even better.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks. Talk to you later, Yao.

My story[edit]

Deep Trouble loading screen.jpg

I regrouped with Gorrik, Rama, and Yao near the bottom of the mine at Luxon Terminus. The group was getting increasingly testy with each other. Not sure if it was the stress or some side effect of haze exposure, or what...

We hit a dead end, but Yao had a clever solution using their mech, Finn. They reprogrammed Finn's drone to scan for weaknesses in the cavern wall and plant charges. With a warning from Gorrik about haze levels likely increasing as we descend, we blasted the wall open and continued deeper into the mine. We were immediately ambushed by subterranean horrors.

As we fought our way through a series of demon attacks, Gorrik asked me about the other voices I'd heard over comms. I wasn't sure if they were real or how to respond if they were. So I didn't.

I saw a glow at the end of a tunnel, but as I walked forward to get a better look, I felt as though I'd been punched in the stomach, the breath stolen from my lungs. As I regained my composure, we realized that the glow ahead came from a ley line!

The nearby jade glimmered with infused energy, though Gorrik said it also seemed to give off a "miasmic byproduct." He and Yao theorized that perhaps this was the cause of the Brotherhood infighting that had been plaguing the mining effort. We moved through the cavern, inspecting more of the nearby jade.

We zip-lined across a chasm to a large rock formation—and that's when my memory gets hazy. A creature—some kind of shape-shifting demon—attacked us. Physically, yes, but it also assaulted me mentally somehow. Gorrik, Rama, Yao...they disappeared from my vision only to be replaced by...departed friends. Almorra and others...under attack. Their twisted words stabbed at me while waves of shadowy beasts pressed in, the wounds raw as though their deaths were fresh—deaths on my hands. The demon's power crushing my mind, I couldn't think, could only feel...

I swore we'd beaten it, but I lost consciousness. I heard my friends yelling to retreat, the demon healing itself as though we hadn't landed a single blow. They dragged me to safety.

I woke outside the mine with Gorrik, Rama, and Yao hovering over me in concern, my head finally clearing, the feeling of mental vulnerability wearing off. As best I can piece together from my experience and Gorrik's theorizing, the demon had invaded my memories, latching on to the rawest emotions it could find. It used hallucinations in combination with the haze-induced vulnerability to overwhelm me. And while feeding on the ley line, the thing cannot be stopped.

If we can somehow defeat the demon, Gyala Delve's ley line and jade resources could be a solution to Cantha's dwindling energy supply. How we do that with an unkillable demonic entity staking its claim on the ley line is anybody's guess.

I'm anxious to hear what Gorrik and Taimi are planning. Seems likely to involve reopening old wounds, but some scars are better left to heal.

My story