Ancient Shark Pistrix

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Ancient Shark Pistrix


Ancient Shark Pistrix location.jpg

Location from Toade's Head Waypoint.

Interactive map

Ancient Shark Pistrix's corpse can be found in an underwater cave just northwest of the Shrine of Usharr. The entrance to the cave is found in a pool of water to the southeast of the skill challenge icon. Simply interacting with Pistrix's corpse will complete the Hero challenge.


Maguuma Jungle


Hero point.png You've gained all you can from this place of power.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • This Hero challenge was changed from Defeat the Ancient Sharks in the January 28, 2013 game update. Previously, this event frequently became bugged by drawing the shark outside of the cave, preventing completion of the Hero challenge.
    • The Hero challenge icon also used to be in the exact location of the entrance to the underwater cave.


  • Pistrix is a Latin word meaning "sea-monster".