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King Zoran


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King Zoran was an Orrian king and father of King Reza. Zoran had few accomplishments in life, though he is known to be a seafarer, having guided Orr's navy to prominence before the Cataclysm. He gave Lady Glaive and her crew refuge in the Shards of Orr after their loss in the Second Great Corsair War and in turn Glaive and her crew had to protect Orrian vessels.[1][2] With Zhaitan's death, his soul returned to Orr among others of recent Orrian royalty to help restore the land to its former glory, purified of dragon corruption.

He now functions as a Renown Heart NPC found in Dwayna's Reliquary. Help reclaim Dwayna's reliquary, and he will become a Karma merchant.


Ruins of Orr

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Reclaim Dwayna's reliquary (80)

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Orrian Pearl.png Bundle of Orrian Pearls Service Exotic 2,688 Karma
Mini Queen Mahtab.png Mini Queen Mahtab Miniature Rare 105,000 Karma + 25 Orrian Pearl
Relic of Dwayna.png Relic of Dwayna Back item Ascended 80 315,000 Karma + 200 Orrian Pearl
Recipe sheet masterwork food.png Recipe: Oysters with Zesty Sauce Recipe sheet Masterwork 17,500 Karma + 25 Orrian Pearl
Unbound Mining Pick.png Unbound Mining Pick Mining pick Fine 60 4,900 Karma
Unbound Logging Axe.png Unbound Logging Axe Logging axe Fine 60 4,900 Karma
Unbound Harvesting Sickle.png Unbound Harvesting Sickle Harvesting sickle Fine 60 4,900 Karma
Friend of Noran.png Favor of Dwayna
(Only if the Siren's Landing Hero collection is active.)
Trophy Exotic 7,000 Karma


Renown Heart empty (map icon).png That air isn't going to clean itself. You are here to help, aren't you?
Talk end option tango.png I am. Just give me time.
Complete heart (map icon).png The air is so much sweeter now! Thank you, thank you. Would you like to purchase supplies?
Talk merchant tango.png I would, thanks.
Talk end option tango.png No, thank you.

See also[edit]

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    Crewmaster Shandra: Following Lady Glaive's defeat during the Second Great Corsair War, we sailed north aboard Glaive's ship, the Queen of Fools, into Orrian waters along the Tarnished Coast. There was a mutiny, and our souls became forfeit in a vicious cycle of betrayal. We need your help to end the cycle. We need revenge! But first we must be freed....
    Crewmaster Shandra: After the Second Great Corsair War, our captain, Lady Glaive parlayed a deal with King Zoran of Orr, who was father to King Reza. We were granted amnesty in an underground area known as the Shards of Orr. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain control of our ship, the Queen of Fools, first mate Fendi Nin made another, darker deal with the king's advisor.
    Those dealings have condemmed us all; Fendi's curse seals us within this horrid place. Our souls can only be freed by destroying him.
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